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Who would want her endorsement? Really.


If she could bring her Emily's list support for Lamm, that might help.

She's not exactly a fringe candidate. Maybe she wasn't the best campaigner, but it's not like she's a nutcase or anything.


Okay. I'll buy that.

Ter Ducken

Conti doesn't have Emily's List support. She's not a nutcase, but she's not a serious candidate, either. She raised respectable money against Tancredo, but that had as much to do with Tancredo as it did with her. She was just the lesser of two evils to people who gave her money.


No shock in this one. It's been clear she had no chance at this seat - I guess it just took her a little while longer to see it. It's good she'll be out before having a chance to muck things up for Democrats who can actually win this seat.

Conti could actually have a future in politics if she put aside her obessesion with getting into Congress. Why not run for a state house or senate seat? County Commissioner? City Council? Dogcatcher? Catcatcher? Remember when people got into politics to serve their community - and found whatever ways or seats to best to do it?

If Conti is serious about serving her community, she should start at the bottom and work her way up - she's young and may actually do some good things not only for the Democrats but for the people she serves. Hell, you can probably do a lot more in terms of making a difference for people by running for offices in Colorado than becoming one of 435 in DC and part of a dispirited minority.

Eddie all the way in 7.



With due respect, Conti has as much in the way of qualification for the seat as Beauprez did prior to his election in '02, or O'Donnell, or Lamm do now... None of them have held elective office prior to their first run for Congress.

I'm with you in supporting Mr. Perlmutter (unless, of course, Sue Windels jumps in--which I don't see happening).


Lamm has held public office as a state representative and has also made a career in politics and learned it at her brother-in-laws' side.

O'Donnell has also held appointed political office (as Commissioner for Higher Education), although not elected office.

The point about Beauprez, hwoever, is a fair one.

On the ther hand, however, I think Conti does come across as overreaching in showing interest in a seat where she doesn't live. Moreover, her attraction in CD 6 was that she was recently a Republican. This isn't as necessary in CD 7.

Ter Ducken

The difference with Conti, however, is that she has ZERO history with regards to Democrats or politics in general. Beauprez at least was the Republican Party Chair before he ran - he knew the game and had made the connections (and Lamm was a state representative, BTW). Conti was a Republican until a few years ago, changed her registration to Democrat (as she tells the story) and then ran for congress. She had never done anything to help out a fellow Democrat prior to that.

That was a big part of the reason she wasn't going to get any support, because she had no IOUs. She'd never helped another Democrat out prior to asking everyone to help her, and that's a tough sell. It's different when you run against Tancredo because Dems are glad to see anyone run against him (and there's no primary). But when you try to make a claim for a seat that Democrats have a real chance of winning, and you're clearly not the best candidate, people aren't so happy to see you getting in the way. And when you jump districts, it looks like you just want to be in congress, no matter how much you say it's because you want to "make changes."

I couldn't agree more with 74Dems. If Conti truly wants to help the Democrats and isn't in it just for herself so that she can be a congresswoman, she should take a couple of years and raise some money for others or do something that helps other Democrats. If she does that, maybe I could get behind her down the road. But if she just fades away and then tries to emerge again as a candidate without doing some real work, she'll run into the same obstacles. As well she should.

Phoenix Rising

My understanding is that she's interested in serving to affect national/international issues. One of her outside "hobbies" is as founder and former President of the Alliance for Youth Achievement, which is an international education initiative.

I think she could serve well by going into a State office, but don't know enough to know who she'd be running against or her district demographics. Certainly she could do similar good for the State in promoting education initiatives for the poor and under-served in this state...

While she didn't have EMILY's List support, she was being considered, and her exit from the race will clear the way for Lamm to obtain that support before the primary.

Old Yarn

Dems have an exceelent chance of picking up this seat in Congress, but it will not help if Perlmutter and Lamm waste money in a primary (even a friendly one). In my opinion, Lamm should think about joining Conti and return home to Boulder.


When primary D's hear about Lamm helping Owens in 2002, she is done for.


Lamm cannot win she is a hasbeen and her daddy warbuck Rutt Bridges isn't going to waste money on her race when he has his own campaign to run. My money and time is on Ed P. Looks like Rick O will be the Republican should be an interesting race we can win this one, once we eat our lamm stew.


I agree about Lamm. I have heard that Rick Ridder, her campaign consultant, regrets taking the assignment and has quietly told a few folks. Don't know if that is true, but I do believe Democrats would be better served getting behind Perlmutter. Lamm should never have got in in the first place.


Eddie P is the presumptive nominiee -- but a seriously flawed general election candidate --


Clearly the Jeffco Dems are behind Perlmutter. Last night's cinco de mayo was a lovefest between those at the dinner and Perlmutter.

His speech was exciting, great and on target. Looked like alot of his old organization is ready to go to work.

Lamms left me with a "lets have a pity party" feel where she defined nothing about her candidacy. In face the response from the audience was "pitiful."

Looks like adviser Ridder may have to find out of state candidates to poll for when Lamm drops out.


What makes Perlmutter a stronger candidate than what Mike Feeley was in 2002?

I still havn't heard much of an answer to that question. That's the one aspect of his candidacy that makes me nervous. He seems like a great guy but I fear what the Republicans are going to do to him in the general election (i.e. think Tom Strickland).

Has anybody else heard anything interesting as to if any other candidate might be thinking about jumping in?


Here's why I believe Ed is a much stronger candidate than Feeley.

1. Mike was unfortunately tarred with the lobbyist label...as was Strickland...I don't know why it never stuck to Owens

2. Mike did lobby for alot of groups against legislation that was beneficial to the Democratic base in CD7 and those party activists have long memories and "chose to work for other campaigns.

3. Ed and his family are well known throughout the state and are all very active not only in business but in contributing back to the community.
He has lived and worked here his entire life.

4. He can raise more money.

Obviously, I am biased toward Perlmutter.


Has Perlmutter been a lobbyist in the past? If so, did he lobby for any causes that could be used against him in the campaign?


No, Ed has never been a lobbyist. He has received legislative awards from the AARP, unions, chambers of commerce, teachers and businesses.

Of course, as you know, the Republicans will try to pick his strength and then attack it, like they did to Dave Thomas, but you can bet Ed will fight each lie, swiftly and honestly... and he will have the $$$ to do it.


How liberal is Perlmutter? Is he too liberal for that district?


Since Joan Fitz-Gerald is term limited, Conti should run for Fitz-Gerald's open Senate seat. It's more of a swing district than the solid GOP State House seat she lives in.


Is Perlmutter to liberal for the district?

No, I remember when he ran the last time, several Republican supporters were listed in a newspaper ad.

The first time he ran, he was the first democrat to take the district from republican hands in 30 years.


Ed isn't too liberal. He is a confirmed moderate ala the Salazar brothers.

BTW, Joan FitzGerald isn't term limited according to a ruling by the Secretary of State.

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