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wow! that is the best post i've seen here yet. great stuff.


Salazar must smell the blood in the water. That's the only time he gets outraged.

boston patriot

The USSS isn't even a part of the Treasury Dept. Pretty lame.


Ken Slazar has to have the weakest backbone of any Colorado politician in recent memory. A full two weeks after the story broke he tested the water, checked the wind, did a poll, and then amazingly became outraged!


I am in no way convinced that BB would be apologizing for the "Town Hall Country Club" fiasco if he was not running for Gov.

This country club style screening was standard operating procedure during the Bush campaign and they got away with it. Why *would* they change their tactics.

The Republicans are putting on the reverse lights now only because it is actually getting some attention. I am very pleased to see our state Dems talking about this and drawing a line in the sand for a change.

Alva Adams

The difference with this event was that it was not a campaign event - it was supposed to be a public "town hall" event. Campaigns screen their audiences all the time, as they probably should. But when you're having a meeting for the general public after you're already elected - that's where screening gets you into trouble.


Well said. I hope Democrats aren't paying attention.


Wow- another Democratic legislator who enjoys grandstanding. It is so transparent that these guys are calling for investigations (when they know they will never actually happen), so that they can attack the president from another angle on this whole Social Security thing. They have nothing else to say in response to the President's plan to reform the system except to repeat over and over again that it is bad. Obviously, they are trying to continue to give this story legs so they can just attack him on something. Maybe they should try being productive and actually coming up with a plan on their own to fix Social Security? How petty.


On the contrary, I think this is an excellent (and valid) "excuse" to attack the president - though probably not on social security. The incident reflects just one more in a string of ugly civil-liberties trampling by the Republicans, and would make a great lead in to the continued attacks on DeLay (who wasted homeland security money to track down some missing Texas dems). With provisions of the PATRIOT act up for review, the timing couldn't be better.

But of course, we can hardly expect this from our Dems, and least of all Salazar. Salazar won't do anything to ruffle the feathers of Gonzales - he's in the pocket of the Hispanic voting block, which is, I suspect, his primary political affiliation. Civil liberties (and party, country, world good, etc.) be damned...

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