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What circles are pushing for Eid? What makes him a more attractive candidate than O'Donnell?


O'Donnell would have the support of Beauprez, Owens, Allard and even Dick Wadhams. Not sure who would back Eid.


Concerning the Beauprez campaign, I think I might just wait to see how reflective his campaign is of the entire state and not just the 7th. If I see every staff member rolled into the campaign but no real "inclusiveness" mentality, I might just decide to help out on other state races, instead.


Troy Eid, who are you kidding?? O'Donnell has locked up the major Republican players in the 7th and the major money players in Colorado.

Let's not forget O'Donnell won the Congressional Assembly, got top line and only came up 1900 votes short in a four way primary. That with almost no money while BB loaned himself $300k so he could be on tv for the last week and a half.


Hickenlooper is not going to run and the longer the Democrats say he is their only hope the better for the Republicans and Beauprez. My prediction is they will fall back to the money and the guy partly responsible for thier winning last cycle..Rutt B.
On the 7th line Rick O. has it locked. He ran a great campaign with no $$ last time and acted as everyone should after they lose a primary, he jumped on board Beauprez campaign and helped him win, class act. As far a Eid other than Troy himself not even his wife is pushing him for 7th CD. Rick already has nomination and primary locked in support, resources, and party. On to the General for Rick let the Dem's bicker and have a bloody primary.


Gov. Romanoff? He wouldn't even get reelected as speaker right now. Ha Ha Ha. Dems are in a bad way.


In 2002 Rick O'Donnell was the front runner --it ws slamming Sam Zakhem, Jolting Joe Rogers and O'Donnell -- than the Reps polled and found that Ricky could not win --in March here came Beauprez to save the day --
Tom DeLay only wants votes when he needs them and has no need for or use for a purist -- if the Reps don't think O'Donnell can win he will be dumped.


Vladimir, Your post shows everything you don't know. Rick was never the "front runner" last time around and got a lot of pressure to stay out of the race.

BB was looking at the race prior to Rick's announcement but waited to make his announcement.

Yes, the NRCC thought BB was the best candidate at the time. We will see who they think has the ability to win this time, my bet is on O'Donnell.

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