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Red Hawk

Here here; though my opinion is completely inconsequential – well done, Colorado Pols. I concur completely.

Donald E. L. Johnson

What do you think Beauprez's support of DeLay and the Rs' assault on the judiciary will do to his candidacy? Help? Hurt? Neutral?

How about his participation in the Rs' grandstanding on Schiavo? Help? Hurt? Neutral?

Alva Adams

If the DeLay thing drags on like the Clinton impeachment stuff, then it's going to hurt Beauprez. If enough Coloradans begin to get familiar with the DeLay scandal, then you could run some pretty strong ads with Beauprez and DeLay posing in the same picture.

The Schiavo case may not matter as much. In 14 months it will probably be long forgotten.


Concerning Terri – those that care (the “Culture of Life” supporters) will remember, as they always do.

I would suggest that “off years” are the only time it really benefits a Candidate/Legislator to appeal to a Base (either hard Right or Left) without totally writing off a potential re-election.

Because The Base will remember – the Middle will forget.

Rock 5

Exactly! Alva and Red are right on!

The Delay scandal keeps growing it will open the door for an "outsider" like Hotzman (or even Weins) to waltz in...

As far as Sciavo goes... Red is exactly right. Our moderate buddy Don Johnson will be asking, "Terri who?" this time next year. But the hard core "Right to Life" crowd will be carrying newspaper clippings and web page prints in their purses as they line up to vote in November '06.


Wiens has a better chance of winning the lottery than winning the Governor's Office. How many times has he gone bankrupt?


At the rate the Democratic candidates for Governor are disappearing or late, we ought to bring back Buie Seawell or Howard Gelt. At least they provided some leadership for the party, when it was relevant of course.


Odss are that Perlmutter will crap out by October. Perlmutter won't last.

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