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Alva, et al.,

Sometimes you amaze me with your lack of political savvy. Voters won't care about this issue. Your scenario is way too complex. Your message to the voters slamming an opponent needs to be five words or less. The complex story never works.
some examples:

Tom Strickland, "lawyer lobbyist"
Pete Coors, is an elitist
Greg Walcher wants to steal your water
Dave Thomas lied about Columbine

Plus, you're execting voters to really care about 1) the vote, 2) hitting the wrong botton vs. voting on purpose. They really won't care about either. Maybe McGihon is volnerable, but not because of this scenario.

Roger D

She might be vulnerable in a primary, but in that district an R has no chance of beating her based on that issue.


"Voters won't care about this issue."

I disagree. This is PERFECT fodder against her in a campaign. I am a liberal and I would vote against her if I was in her district. Morgan Carroll had a GREAT bill and I was shocked to see a Democrat vote it down.

Republicans are VERY smart to use this as ammo. And it will probobly work. Liberals are continually defeated in office because the Right is able to capitalize on the stereotype that Liberals have no backbone.

"Them Librels will not take a stand on anythin!"

This kind of "I pressed the wrong button" tall tale feeds the stereotype perfectly. McGihon is screwed.


I live in Anne's district, and was on the vacancy committee that voted her in when Jennifer Veiga received a vacancy committee appointment to the State Senate and Anne filled the vacancy (I publicly supported another candidate in that race).

Anne's seat and her support in the race is solid. While we were divided when there was a vacancy, every single Democrat of any prominence in HD 3 supported her actively in 2004 and there is no Democrat worth their salt would would support anyone else. While her grassroots network is not quite the perfectly oiled machine that Andrew Romanoff (who lives about twelve blocks away from Anne) has, it is certainly far above average with precinct and block captains who actually do their jobs, a core of a couple dozen supporters who meet every month even in the off season, a strong back bench of experienced campaigners, and a relatively decent network of financial supporters including many of the more reliable "second tier" donors in the party after the "Big Four". She has a strong relationship with the labor unions that have a prescence in the district and with higher levels of the Democratic party and with every active interest group in the distrct as well.

Also, both Anne and Jennifer before her, have faced opposition from the sort of Republican candidates who ought to play well in HD 3. For example, one of them was a Jewish actress. None were central casting GOP sterotypes. The district is solidly Democratic and Anne also does not have a reputation for being either a progressive extremist or a conservative extremist, she is a pragmatist moderately liberal Democrat who devotes much of her legislative efforst to bread and butter issues, and I doubt anyone in the district would have been able to tell you in advance how she would have come out on an obscure worker's compensation bill. Neither labor nor small business people are dominant forces in the district, and I doubt that many of her supporters would care which stance she took on the bill.

What Anne is unfailingly is pro-woman, pro-education and anti-social conservative, and progressive without being anti-business. Her constituents are going to care a lot more about her below the radar statement about the Terri Schiavo case (strongly opposing GOP action) that a possible mistaken vote on a Worker's Compensation bill.

The district is divided. The South is in Cherry Hills Village and reliably Republican. The North extends to West Washington Park. But, the very safe Democratic areas vastly outnumber the very safe Republican areas, even in off year elections. (Indeed, registered Democratic had considerably better turnout than the registered Republican in her district in 2004, contrary to the usual trends do to her well organize GOTV campaign).

Anne is secure in the district and will be there until her term limit expires.


In 2004 the election results per the Secretary of State were as follows:

David A. Sprecace (REP) 12097 38.87 %
Anne L. McGihon (DEM) 19027 61.13 %

This was the first time Anne was in a general election. Her 2006 election will be in a district with precisely the same boundaries, and Mr. Sprecace was not just a sacrificial lamb candidate. The GOP had hoped that as a basically open seat (Anne had not then had any prior elections) that they should make a good faith attempt. Specace was a small businessman whose signs were ubiquitous in the Southern end of the District.


Annie is a tough cookie, and much smarter than the average legislative bear.

I'll bet the month's mortgage payment than McGihon will keep her seat til termed or greener pastures.

By and large, Annie is a poster child for Democratic success in Colorado-- she could win votes in many parts of ArapCo and Jeffco...


Let us be clear
Anne promised to kill a worker's comp bill that would protect workers and allow them the doctor of their own choice
Anne voted to kill that bill
Rather than admitting the truth she lied and claimed that she had made a mistake
Hmmm... voters do not understand the nuances of the underlying issue -- they do understand when someone lies...

heard it through the grapevine

There are MANY people in Anne McGihon's district that hold their nose and vote for her. She has alienated alot of Democrats and she has a tendancy to piss off many members in the caucus with her abrasiveness. She should try to be nicer. She might have been the chair of the Judiciary committee if she had.

Paula VanDusen

I'm astonished at the vitriol whirling about this blog for a legislator pushing the wrong button. Anne promised to support the workmen's comp bill and fully intended to do so. Anne is patently direct and follows through on her commitments. The very same scenario defeated one of her own bills last year. Here's what she said about it: "I know first hand how it feels to lose a bill because of a voting error. I lost a bill in the 2004 session on a 32-33 vote on third reading because one of my Democratic colleagues who had committed to vote for my bill pushed the wrong button. I brought that bill back this year as HB-1105, which was signed by the Governor on 4/20/05."

Patti Bennett

Just another example of why some think women can not be in politics. Heaven forbid a woman legislator should make a mistake and push the wrong button, something that has happened frequently to male legislators from both sides of the aisle. But in Anne's case, her mistake has devolved into a personal attact.

Anne is a person of her word. She takes her job very seriously and works with both sides of the aisle. Her overall voting record and her on-going practice of keeping her word to labor, education, women and her constituents proves to be exemplary.

There are far more serious issues at the State Capitol than someone's missed vote. Let's focus on what's important.

Ter Ducken

Oh, give me a break. This isn't about McGihon being a woman any more than it is about her being white. This is about lying, and her sex, race, age, etc. has nothing to do with it.

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