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Curious Stranger

My transcript of Hickenlooper's comments on 9 News on this story:

Hickenlooper: We're just getting started, the best is yet to come.
Ward Lucas: Ok, no political double talk here, are you going to run for governor?
Hickenlooper: Uhhh, I don't think so. I mean, to be quite honest, I can't imagine a better job than being mayor. I haven't given it a second thought, I mean, quite honestly.
Ward Lucas: You got no further political aspirations?
Hickenlooper: No [You know?], what better political aspiration can you have than to work as mayor in one of the greatest cities in the universe.

Is he playing "aw-shucks" here or not?

Curious Stranger

Hmm. That word wrapping didn't translate well.

Ter Ducken

"I haven't given it a second thought." Yeah, right.


Why would he want to leave his job? He's doing a good job. He enjoys it. Being Governor is a whole different game. I believe him when he says that he isn't thinking about it. I'm sure he loves the publicity but I'm also certain he'll choose the job he knows he loves over one that brings a great deal of headache from day to day.


I read an article in the CS Gazette today that said Focus on the Family is targeting Senator Salazar for attack because he is not supporting the President's judicial nominees. I find this ironic because Dobson didn't feel the need to support the more conservative candidate, Pete Coors, during the election, in fact he did not even vote for Coors in the General Election. Maybe Dobson and Focus should get on board and help get conservaties elected in November, then they won't have to worry about attacking liberal Democrats after the election.


Why would Hick leave his empire? He could ride out the press as the top Democratic gubernatorial candidate, graciously not declare and in the meantime personally create a groundswell of support for whichever Dem does decide to run. He is not on the top 5 Big-City Mayor list because he has a Vespa...


Any word on Conti on the 7th? I am pulling for Polsfut and having Conti out of the makes things clearer. Lamm is interesting but I don't know if she has alot of Delegate support right now I see the race between Polsfut and Perlmutter.


Conti won't run in the 7th. maybe the 6th again but I doubt it. Lamm could be the candidate, she is articulate, smart, accomplished, moderate, and a female. I think the demographics of the district fit her perfect. Her biggest challenge will be the party process but then head to head with O'Donnell she shines. She will also have the money backing of Rutt Bridges which is a huge plus.


Has the State Democrat Party done anything in the last 2 monthes (except change the locks)? I am becoming increasingly frustrated in the lack of leadership from Waaak. She missed the boat on the Bush S.S. flap, and most recently she missed a great opportunity to reach out to the Latino community with Corkey's passing and offer condolences from the Party. Does anyone really think Chairman Dean is going to put money in Colorado with that kind of leadership. I hope I am wrong but I long for Chris Gates, and I am afraid we all will pay the price for this bad move.


Nope been pretty lame. The real question is does it matter we quite using the party last cycle time to move past the horse and buggy on to the hybrid. Does anyone know if COPRIG is still active at Metro/CU Denver been awhile since I was down there wonder if they have a coordinator still?


Metro is lost as well as CU Denver. Student involvement is at an all time low and everything is messed up. So if COPRIG is still around (which I doubt)it's probably not very active.


CoPIRG lost funding battles at 4 of their 5 chapters across the state back in 2000. The student chapters continued solely at UNC until a new chapter started at CU Boulder. Since then, UNC has lost their funding and interest in a PIRG chapter there, both from the students and the organization has diminished.

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