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Paschall is slime. He is a Musgrave clone and would not stand a chance in the 7th. I hope the Republicans nominate him if he runs.


What's not to like about Paschall?

Ter Ducken

There may be no politician in Colorado with more negative baggage than Paschall. The number of negative stories written about him in the newspapers for things he admittedly attempted would sink him in a general, if not a primary.


You have to remember, Paschall is responsible for the turnaround in Jeffco politics, the ousting of Rick Sheehan and the turnaround of CCOERA. Most in Jefferson County know this and he has a following. He also is known for being straightforward and not towing the party line.
Plus, he is a hard campaigner and wins the races people say he can't win.
I think Coffman has actually lost some ground by backing out of the Gov's race. Peggy Lamm could take O'Donnell to task over the CU scandal. Truly, there isn't anyone with more baggage than anyone else.

Ter Ducken

You're also talking about a guy who tried to pass out pamphlets in the county courts telling jurors they needed only to obey the law of God. You're also talking about a guy who tried to get the county to buy him a Cadillac Escalade, and when that failed, a Pathfinder. The list goes on and on, and it's all been documented in the press. Paschall no doubt has his Republican followers, but in a general election he'd be eaten alive.


Mark Paschall is the personification of the word ENTITLEMENT. Republicans in Jeffco vote for him because he holds some sort of cult status – but up against a credible candidate (Coffman), he loses the base he’s worked so hard to build.

Also – let’s not forget that Mark is not a fundraiser. He’ll need serious bucks in the race, but has no lists to start from.


If memory serves me correct, the Escalade that Paschall wanted was used and cheaper than the car the county originally offered him.


Paschall wanted State Treasurer, but when he heard all the players were lining up behind Hillman, he backed down. Then he heard about the BB thing, and wanted that - instead.

Let's get a rumor going about some sort of Judgeship, so Mark will start touting his Legalese.


So, we are now going to hold the media up as believeable?
The scoop is that Paschall was set up by Lawrence and Sheehan so that the media could be distracted from their disgusting actions.
The Escalade debacle was nothing more than him asking if he could get a used county car instead of the $35-40,000 behemoths that are allocated to officials.
Did we forget, he was "bouncing checks" too? Anyone who believes funds transfers of millions of dollars are done by the stroke of a pen on a paper check and mailed out...wait, the commissioners and the media did. Paschall took them to task then, his appointee, Jim Congrove who was also hammered by the press, did the unthinkable. He won a race the pundits said he couldn't win and now he is Chair of the Jeffco BCC and is cleaning up all the political stink that existed. Yes, he was also a target of the press and Lawrence and Sheehan.
So, get the facts before trashing Mark Paschall based on media stories. Next we'll be hearing that Michael Moore's movie was actually fact-based.


Oh and those horrible books he handed out, drudge - they actually contained the Constitution in it! How dare he try to get people to use the Constitution when we have Supreme Court judges citing international law in their opinions!


Paschall's little pamphlet was hardly endorsing the Constitution. It was encouraging jurors to disregard the oaths that they were about to take, distributed by a county employee, in the courthouse.

If Paschall wins the primary, the GOP has just signed a suicide pact and handed the 7th CD to the Democrats. The guy is a loose cannon with a loose grip on reality.


Paschall is a dark dark comedy. He will morph into anything he needs to be in order to draw a government paycheck. The last time he actually was a taxpayer was back when he claimed he found god at the end of a water bong. The only upside would be he is true to his current mantra of defender of the taxpayer and quits his county job to campaign then losses and goes back to painting houses or whatever he did when he was 20 which was the last time he didn't get a government paycheck.


Housepainter? You have him confused with Doug Dean, another Owens appointee.
But you are saying public officials don't pay taxes?
"The last time he actually was a taxpayer was back when he claimed he found god at the end of a water bong."
What oaths exactly do jurors take that the pamphlets told them to disregard?
Advising citizens of their rights provided by the Constitution (slavery once was a social norm that could've been undone by this "pamphlet") is hardly a bad thing. So, you must have the "pamphlet." Tell me more about what is in it.


Most Arvadans recognize that Mark Paschall would represent them in a manner far superior to any other candidate. His honesty, competence in leading a JeffCo agency, and experience as a legislator are unmatched.

Ter Ducken

Wow! Thanks for speaking for the city of Arvada. Would Wheat Ridge like to chime in? Maybe the city of Aurora would like to give its thoughts.


Paschall's "baggage," referred to by liberals, consists of a strong sense of family values and a level of integrety that they wouldn't know anything about.


Paschall's "baggage," as referred to by liberals, consists of a strong sense of family values and a level of integrity that they wouldn't recognize. He's not embarrassed to profess his religion.


The waters warm tell Mark Pascall to come in we would love to have him swim in the 7th CD. Can you spell Democrat Victory! Sometimes I wonder who on the Republican team is handing out the stupid pills because I'm sending that guy flowers!


Looks like the usual hard-left opposition to a decent man, Mark Paschall. When you have no ideas, resort to personal insults.



Looks like you need a section 8---you're nuts! Paschall a decent man?!?!?! The stunts he pulled as a legislator? Late night boozing, parties and questionable behavior. Not to mention the fact that he's not a very bright bulb. He would get slaughtered in the 7th!


Paschall is probably the most targeted person in the GOP because people believe the negative that is printed about him, and lets face it, he is a threat to the party elites. He is anti party establishment and has a lot more pull than people give him credit for. No one thought Tancredo could win either because he stood by his beliefs and didn't let party politics factor in his votes. No matter what you may think of Paschall, he takes a stand. You don't have to worry about him gauging the political wind or selling out.


Paschall boozing and partying? You better have the goods before you slander people. Unless you consider boozing and partying to be a post communion church social.


The bottom line is that Paschall won't be the nominee. He has an outrageous record that will never fly in the Primary, much less the General. The guy is a weak campaigner and most people think he has a loose screw. He doesn't even fit the district. I also hear there is plenty of stuff to nail him on from questionable government spending to his legislative record to abuse of power. Finally Hillary, in politics perception is reality.

Let's drop the topic of Paschall and move on to something/someone more realistic.

I hear Rob Fairbank is thinking of running for the 7th and he has actually run a few campaigns--he may turn out to be the GOP frontrunner.


I hear Fairbanks will actually run the McInnis race. Politically Direct has been looking for something other than Legislative Races and they may have found it.


My favorite Paschall Headline was when the American Legion discovered Paschall had lied about his military record. Classic Mark.

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