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We in Wheat Ridge also think Mark Paschall could match up with any of the fine potential Republican candidates. Partying isn't much of a slander, but we who have known him for years haven't seen it. However, we have seen the record of his brief military service. Are those the best negatives you hate-mongers can come up with?


Thank GOD for Musgrave clones! We need candidates with a PROVEN TRACK RECORD, like those of Mark Paschall running for CD-7.

Mark is a Constitutionalist: and for some reason, that makes Democrats SCARED. Republicans and most Libertarians LOVE Mark because he defends the Constitution.

Mark stands for what is right, and he does not wabble. Mark stands up for "the little guy" against Big Government, and yes, he has influence.

Please do not consider the likes of Peggy Lamm. She has no track record, and if you base her candidacy upon that of husband: God help us. Start praying!

I am a Colorado Jeffco Native, a 35 year old female business owner, and I will support Mark Paschall 110%. GO MARK PASCHALL!

- Tamra
p.s. I use my real name. What a concept!
p.s.s. I use my real email address. What a double concept! Yea those who post anonymously: I give you no credibility.

Skippy McGuski

Just wait until the news of mismanagement of Jefferson County's Funds comes out......

Mr. Paschall will be running from alot more than he wants to run for.


Very true! Makes a change to see soomene spell it out like that. :)

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