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I have heard rumors that the "mystery man" is one of BB's aides! Boy if that turns out to be true . . .


Strider, if you have any more details on the rumor please email me. I'd love to check this out. [email protected]


Is this issue going to sink Bobby B's candidacy? No way! Full investigation? fine. Section 1983 lawsuit? Fine - let's find out the truth and hold people accountable. But do you think the citizens of Colorado are going to join forces with the Three, put on a huge demonstration march to the capitol and bring Bobby B to his knees? You're dreaming!

Phoenix Rising

Unless Strider's less-and-less likely rumor pans out, I'd say Beauprez gets away from this one clean, at least by direct implication.

But Beauprez has enough other potential baggage from the national level depending on how things keep heading. He's still grabbing the third rail of Social Security, he's still a Bush loyalist (which may drag him down in any Bush scandals), and he's not DeLay-free.


It wouldn't surprise me if it were Beauprez's aides who asked the three to leave. His good-guy image only goes so far down the ladder. He is known for employing dirty tactics. I'm sure he will get away with this one, but as a farmer he should know: as you sow, so shall you reap.


beauprez is straight-up lying. his people were all over the list of ticketholders.

when we (progressnow) sent out an email advertising the Bushprez tickets available for pickup at his office, one of his staffers was on our site within an hour or so saying that they "can't wait to see you there." even misspelled my wife's name, just like on her ticket. and we don't live in Lakewood, but that's the address they wrote down from my ID.

it's no BS: the comment originated from the IP address, look up who owns it.


we're pretty sure the only reason they didn't throw us out was because we told 8000 of our friends we were going to be there...


Wow. I can't believe you 2 liberals were able to sneak in! The only 2 in fact. Because Beauprez's office probably had GPS on all the other Dems.

I thought they got 100% of you when they kicked the "Bush 3" out... You people are paranoid freaks. The only reason they got kicked out was because an overzealous volunteer heard about the bumperstickers. And it actually turns out that they were indeed going to disrupt the event!



Get a clue. Do you honestly think that BB and his people are not worried about this? AND just because your paranoid does not mean they are NOT out to get you.


They're not worried. This ain't anymore of thing than Lori McInnis getting a check for over $3100.


Strider - BB may indeed be worried. But that doesn't mean what crazy (alan) said is true. Or that BB really had anything to do with it. The White House was responsible for handling the crowd, not BB's office.

If "they" are really out to get "you" then why didn't they kick more out? Maybe they're just bad at "getting" people... Then they're just R's who don't like D's or vice versa.


see, that's kind of the point, the fact that we didn't "sneak in." that they knew we were coming, which means they were fine-tooth combing the public ticket list. that is, the exact thing Bueaprez doesn't wantto cop to.

if you're going to run mindless cover for this obvious, highly questionable policy, that has a documented track record of having occured now in many states, you should at least crack a joke or two.


X-Files -

If they were only picking certain people out, why didn't they pick you?! You seem to be crazy in your own right and you are part of the crazy, liberal progressive site. But you still got in!

Otherwise, anyone can pick out stupid bumperstickers - not rocket science. That's much more likely than your Big Brother theory.


gee, if the same thing hadn't happened in north dakota, new jersey, arizona...

ah, forget it. what's lurking right below your feeble, ad hominem arguments is either a fear that i'm right, or you think that this sort of thing really is okay.

i'm guessing the latter. of course, maybe you're always this pointlessly shrill...

Red Lady

A BB aide wearing an earpiece posing as a secret service agent? Strider, either you made that up, or whoever told you did. You really think the White House would give a lowly congressman's staffer access to their radios? The answer is HECK NO. Didnt happen. Look at the big picture here people. GET REAL. BB's office was involved in ticketing - thats it. Yea, they may have done some investigative work and looked at the Progress Now website - thats not illegal.
You guys are going to have to look for another angle if this is really how you think you are going to bring him down.


Maybe Lori McInnis should send BB a check for $3100. to start a legal defense fund :)



I looked up that IP address ( you gave us and this is the following information.

OrgName: State of Colorado General Government Computer
Address: 690 Kipling St.
City: LakeWood
StateProv: CO
PostalCode: 80215
Country: US

NetRange: -
NetHandle: NET-165-127-0-0-1
Parent: NET-165-0-0-0-0
NetType: Direct Assignment
NameServer: DNS1.STATE.CO.US
NameServer: DNS2.STATE.CO.US

Doesn't exactly prove anything. We can use this incident to chip away at Beauprez image but if this is the extent of the opposition research on Beauprez then we are in deep trouble. This angers me more than anybody but there is no way anyone in Colorado is going to remember this in two years. We could and should be barking up other trees. The skeletons are out there, we just need to find them and introduce them at a time that will do maximum damage to Beauprez.



i think you're quite right, especially to the extent that progressnow is a nonprofit and we aren't the ones doing "opposition research" for the dems.

we've pretty much stayed out of this story since the event, and it certainly has acquired a life of its own. it is satisfying to watch the squirm-fest, though, isn't it?


This is almost as entertaining as the Bolton confirmation hearing.


The Denver 3 were sorted out because they were wearing NO WAR for OIL T-Shirts under their outer ware.

BB Rules !!!!

P.S. Oh yeah, they were wearing hemp too.

Phoenix Rising

LAF - Bzzt! Wrong answer! No-one ever saw their T-shirts, which said "Stop the Lies!" - they kept their dress outfits on over top the whole time. The "No more war for Oil" slogan was on a car bumper sticker.

Aside from that, wearing said slogan or having said slogan on a car is not a reason to exclude someone from a public Presidential appearance. They caused no disruption, in fact they promised the not-Secret-Service-agent that they would not cause a disruption when they were first approached. The kicking out part came a bit later and with no provocation whatsoever.



You are correct - I had my facts Bazz Aackwordz.

I would argue their intent was to disrupt the President's speech by hidding the anti-Bush shirts in the firstplace.

If they were "truely" exercising freedom of expression - they would have worn their "Stop The Lies" shirts on the outside in the first place and walked right in with pride. It would have been a better "earned media" moment to be DENIED entry based solely on that issue. Kids today don't know how to protest - despite the media hipe, most of us old farts protested our causes with some class.

I heard the Denver 3 were not cooperating in regards to the area they were assigned for viewing and some unpleasantness was developing and "that was why" they were asked to leave.

Just my thoughts --

P.S. Did they really wear hemp?

Phoenix Rising

"P.S. Did they really wear hemp?"

One can only refute so many allegations in one post... ;-)

I've seen nothing about a lack of co-operation in seating or unpleasantness in any of the articles I've read to date. If you can point me to somewhere that's believable that backs that up, please post it here...

virgil reichle

I am going to make a prediction. Recall the 1992 presidential election when Ross Perot emerged as a 3rd party candidate. I believe a 3rd party candidate will come along and make immigration reform central to the 3rd party platform. As a result, this reformer will take votes away from the Republicans and enable the Democratic nominee to win with 40-45% of the popular vote. Republicans better wake up soon and address the illegal immigration problem.


Virgil "Gus" Reichle

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