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John Routt

While John Hickenlooper is polling quite high I would suggest that these numbers with a grain of salt. First, we are will over a year and a half away from the election and to think that Hickenlooper's numbers will stay as high as they are right now would be short sighted. Second, Please remember that George Bush 41 and George W. Bush had similar numbers before their re-elections and look at the results. Bush Sr. lost and Bush Jr. was barely re-elected. I am not saying that Hickenlooper will go to war like the Bush family did, but I think that there are numerous case studies where a person with incredible polling numbers can take a licking at election time.


This is great news! Now if he will just run. Which I still have my doubts on.


Once again, why on earth would Hick want to be Governor of Colorado where political power is certainly not vested in that ofice; where about all the Governor can accomplish is speaking engagements around the country and a little veto every now and then.

The real political power is as Mayor of Denver. But -- okay, I'll admit -- if Hick is not really dedicated to Denver but, rather, to his own egocentric agrandizement, then, okay, a run for Governor would be just dandy ... for him.

Then, maybe Elbra Wedgeworth could scare us all into supporting her for Mayor???

Rob M.

Wish Owens could run for three like Lamm and Romer. Gov. Owens would be a shoe in, He has held high numbers statewide forever and he is running like 88% favorable with Republicans... AMAZING! Hick should send Congressman Tancredo a gift basket for passing term limits in Colorado so he won't have to face Owens.


I don't think BB gets scared out of the Gov's race by a Hick entry. BB is already hiring staff. I heard he tapped John Marshall to be his early season "campaign coordinator."


Who is John Marshall?


Oh great, Ringo. Now every Salazar groupie on the planet is going to start flaming.

Fort Collins GOP

High approveal ratings for mayors don't always translate into electoral victories. Ask soon to be former Fort Collins Republican mayor Ray Martinez. Martinez has consistently maintained over a 70% approveal rating as mayor of Fort Collins. He is widely recognizable across the city, and almost universally popular. HOWEVER, Martinez lost to Democrat Bob Bacon by 15% in the 2004 State Senate District 14 race.

High mayoral favorables aren't all they're cracked up to be.


John Marshall is a little wussie who tried to get Greg Walcher elected in the third cd against John Salazar. He is a punk and will never work on the hill with the big boys.


I've heard that John Marshll is the GOP's up and coming Dick Wadhams. With all of his extensive work and relationships on the West Slope, I wonder if the McInnis camp is concerned.


Ringo--John Marshall currently works in Owens' policy office. Though I do not know him personally, I understand that he is talented and is well connected (and perhaps better liked than his former boss) on the West Slope. No question, if true, Beauprez has improved his chances significantly.

Achilles--yes--the McInnis camp should be concerned. Any in roads Beauprez makes to the 3cd will hurt Mr. McInnis' chances for success.

Roger D

Martinez lost in spite of his earlier polling. Bacon also had high favorables, what tipped the balance was the revelation of Martinez' freeloading travel at taxpayers expense.

the highest favorables in the world will not overcome legitimate taxpayer/voter anger over scandalous/frivolous expenditures of taxpayer dollars for personal perks of elected officials.

Roger D

I thought John Marshall was a chief justice of the US Supreme Court. As a federalist and an advocate of vesting power in the federal government, I am a little surprised that he would work for the Republican party, but then, the course the supposed party of small government has taken over the last few years, maybe it is not so surprising.


marshall is good, but with only one major race under his belt, which he lost, let's not get too ahead of ourselves with the wadhams comparisions.

Von Doom

Marshall inherited the ability to lie with a straight face from his old boss S&M (scott McInnis)I imagine if he is working for BB its further proof that S&M is out.

Fort Collins COP

Roger D. stupid for buying into the Pat Stryker lead attack adds, which touted the "Ray Likes to Travel" theme, which was UN TRUE, like most thinks sponsored by liberals

Ter Ducken

Comparing the Mayor of Denver to the mayor of any other Colorado city is apples and oranges. The Denver Mayor is more like a smaller version of the governor, or a congressman, in terms of reach, name ID, and political power.

Most people couldn't name the mayor of their own city, but many know who the mayor of Denver is. I live in Jefferson County, and I don't have the slightest idea who the mayors of Lakewood, Golden or Arvada are. If you live in a small town, like Burlington or something, then you might know who the mayor is. If they even have a mayor.


Hick is pretty clearly the most impressive candidate Democrats can field in the governor's race in 2006, so I don't fault Alva and company for touting him or getting giddy about draft rumors, BUT Hick's close relationship with Rutt Bridges means he can't make a move; and if Alva were a reporter and not a blogger, he'd know that the Mayor has already called Bridges and Ridder and told them he was not running. A man's word is his honor; and I think Hick is a man of honor. So Dems need to forget the embarassing draft talk and get about finding someone who can run a credible campaign against Beauprez.


How is this for a rumor.

Hickenlooper is NOT going to be running for Governor.

Hick's wife simply will not allow it. Just remeber you heard it here first.

Rutt is the man for the Dems now.


Marshall working for McInnis has absolutely no bearing on whether SM is running or not.

A little history here: John Marshall was State Rep Matt Smith's legislative Aide. That's the same Matt Smith who Greg Walcher beat in a primary by 100 votes (yet outspent 10-1). Some GOPers get upset that Smith never endorsed Walcher; but Marshall orchastrated a smear campaign against Smith, acussing him of everything under the sun.

Marshall is good. John Salazar was a far better candidate than Walcher. He didn't win by more because of Marshall. But, he's only good because he's dirty. He's the dirtiest I've ever seen. He's worse than Whadams. Not only did he trash his former boss, Matt Smith, he also ran a racist campaign against John Salazar. How many different types of ads can show illegals jumping over a fense to sneak into the US? How many managers can turn a death of a farm worker into an ad? If he's with BB, it'll be the dirtiest state-wide race ever! Hick will be slammed daily. Marshall will try to convince voters that Hick's gay or has affairs. Don't put anything beyond him.


Every poll concerning Hickenlooper concerns the front range or metro-Denver. Sure they're important, but why not compare apples to apples. How does Ken Salazar look state-wide? How does Hick look state-wide? Looking state-wide is far more relevant. Where is that poll?

Alva Adams

A statewide poll would indeed be the ultimate truth, but the front range poll is enough to indicate a great deal because that area accounts for 80% of Colorado voters.

Some people will say, "But how can Hickenlooper win on the Western Slope?" and the answer is: it may not matter. If he is truly as strong along the front range as the polls indicate, it's irrelevant how he plays on the Western Slope. If he does well along the front range, all he has to do is get around 30% of the vote on the Western Slope, and he's governor.


Hick could win. But he is NOT going to run. Damn shame really. But it is time to focus on other candidates.

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