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RedHawk --

Your shilling for Mike Coffman is amazing, O'Donnell makes an announcement and all you talk about is Coffman! We all get it, your for Mike and Rick won't get a fair shake while you are doing the posting.

Let's not forget who the grassroots candidate was the back in 2002, it wasn't Beauprez, or Rogers or Zakhem, it was O'Donnell. What makes you think that Grassroots will leave him for Coffman???

I bet O'Donnell has raised more money in one week than Coffman did for his shortlived Governor's run.

Roger D

unless he has segregated funds in his gubernatorial account, I don't think he can use any of them for the congressional.

I may not be correct about this, but I believe that funds that have been comingled in an account cannot be separated out based on the original donor's ability to legally contribute in a federal race. same reason federal funds cannot go to a state race now.

Also, don't forget that Paschall could be the spoiler in the 7th cd. and could even end up with the nomination depending on who stays in the race to the end.


Redhawk, you make it clear this website is totally left leaning and wired in to the D's. Within minutes of Lamm and Polsfut announcing, you have their letters on your website. Where's O'Donnell's? Guess you have no inside line into his race or Republicans generally. Can you name one party leader who isn't already backing Rick -- from moderate Bruce Benson to conservative Bill Armstrong and everyone in between?

Yeah it takes more than money and endorsements to win, you don't think Rick doesn't know that? He had neither last time and top-lined BB and almost beat him in the primary. The grassroots were with Rick then and are with him even more now because when he lost he lost the right way and worked hard for BB. Rick's support isn't going to flake to Coffman.


RedHawk is a guest poster, and other people were offered that opportunity. They don't censor guest posters at all.

If you read the Lamm post, the campaign manager talked to them before posting, likely giving them the press release at the same time. Maybe in ODonnell could try that and see if there is a response?


Did I miss something or did Ricky O jump on Bob Beauprez's plans to orchestrate his own announcement? Bad form and it won't earn him any points with Beauprez, would be my guess. Looks overly ambitious to boot.


Ralphcarr --

From what I hear no one in Beauprez's camp is complaining.


I have a luxury here – you all know I’m a Republican (read my Bio), allowing me to REALLY be partisan on this “Trade Magazine of a Blog” we politico’s all read…

…am I heavy handed? Yes. I’m sure. But that’s why I always defer to Alva et al to keep me in line.


Everyone is talking about the endorsements and who has support of the party leadership. Here is the deal, the GOP is splintered and a lot of people in the GOP are not happy with party leadership and those in the establishment. In fact, I'll make the blunt statement that many in Beauprez district felt he sold out to become Bush's lap dog. And those are the Republicans saying that. I am not sure having a party endorsement in this race is gonna be a huge help. In many ways, it can hinder.


Colorado Pols received the Rick O. letter before the letter was made public...yet it was never posted. Hmm...

Alva Adams

We did get O'Donnell's letter, but Red Hawk received it soon after and posted it before we could do it ourselves. We post plenty from both sides - we posted the entire list of contributors from Marc Holtzman, for example. It just depends on the timing; sometimes we just can't do it immediately because we're not around to do it.


irishstout - The DCCC called and said you can keep their 2004 talking points. They were an abysmal failure last year as Bob Beauprez's 12% victory demonstrated.

I suppose if Bob had many Republicans angry at him than he must have gained two-fold in Dem and Independent votes.

As a democrat, you will likely respond that the voters are stupid, blind, etc. What other logical defense could you have for your argument vs BB's results? Especially in a democrat year?


Irish Stout is clueless, the GOP is not splintered other than the back benchers who always complain but never do anything, the Democrat Party has the same group of whiners, if we could I bet both parties would pay for them to start thier own "Do Nothing" party. The GOP is fired up and focused, getting knocked down in 2004 will make the Colorado Republicans a better party in 2006, watch out!


Alva - I don't see the letter posted on the site. Why not??


Why would a lefty site want to distribute a republican letter? I guess this site ain't Red for a reason!


Hey I am so sad that the Heaths and Lamms have not made peace -- they could form a group Lovable Limousine Liberal Losers -- Peggy Lamm has zero, none, zilch chances of winning a seat in Congress. Her ex sister-in-law cost us a chance to beat a vulnerable Nighthorse Campbell and Rollie Heath managed to go from six points behind in August to 30 points behind on election day -- Dems let us keep listening to these losers


IRA Sucks-

You refer the "do nothings" in the Republican Party - are you referring to the ones who have done NOTHING about illegal immigration and catered to the banking industry or the few strong conservatives who actually read and defend the Constitution?

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