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Rutt Bridges, or possibly one of his lackeys, and I do mean LACK


I 2nd the vote for Hick!


I would like to see Ward Churchill!


Andrew Romanoff

Norma Anderson

Pat Waak & Bob Martinez



1 - Hickenlooper
2 - Romanoff
3 - Beauprez

Hank Hill

doug bruce

Curious Stranger

Bring us Hick!


Scott McInnis

Phoenix Rising

Having Pat Waak and Bob Martinez is a great idea, Lurker. This blog spends a lot of time on meta-politics and politicking (as opposed to issues politics) - having the party chairs is just what this blog is about!

I think if we have one Gov. candidate on, we should invite them all. Joan Fitz-Gerald has already proven she knows where we're located. Get Hick, Beauprez, McInnis, Romanoff...

Then get all the CD-7 candidates.

Alva Adams

We have asked both Pat Waak and Bob Martinez previously and have not yet heard back.

We'll work on all of them - keep the suggestions coming.


I suggest another regent, as that was pretty entertaining. I would say no to candidates unless you invite them all, just because it seems fair.

Phoenix Rising

I suggest the party faithful join in with ColoradoPols to get Pat and Bob on for a chat!

Donald E. L. Johnson

Bill Armstrong, Bruce Benson, Jared Polis; Pat Stryker; Barb Card


Dick Wadhams

I want Scott

Scott Tipton


Joan F-G

I'm not a fan, but sure she'd say something interesting


Get Mike Celeti, I mean Overdog!


Who is Mike Celeti? and if you are calling him out Colorado Underdog, whats your real name?


The Hick
Ward Churchill would be interesting.

Alva Adams

Romanoff asked to wait until after the session is over. Bridges turned us down before, but we'll try again. We've asked Hick and Doug Bruce as well.

Alva Adams

Bruce turned us down.


how about a woman for the next q&a? musgrave would be great but there are lots state sen/reps and politicos who would be interesting. don't you want to know what makes cinammon watson tick?

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