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First, Lynn rocked.

People I'd like to hear from:

Mike Stratton
Dick Whadams (same day as Stratton)
Dave Thomas
Stan Matsunaka
Mark Larson
Ken Lane
John Hickenlooper
Keith King
Norma Anderson
Joan F-G (same day as Norma)
Ken Chloeber
Mike Feeley
Mike Coffman
Jim Isgar
Tom Strickland
Bob Schafer
Roy Roemer
Chris Roemer (is he the on running for Treasurer?)
Bill Armstrong
Ben Nighthorse Campbell
Gary Hart
Marilyn Musgrave
Salazar Brothers
Pat Schroeder
Tom Tancredo
Douglas Bruce
Jim Merlino
John Marshall
Scott Tipton
Greg Walcher


Dr. Dobson! He rocks!

But seriously, for a suggestion, how about a long serving capital staffer - like a researcher or chaplain, people like that. Not for Q&A completely but for stories and insight into how things function outside of the chamber.


"Who do you want to see in our next Q&A?

Roy Romer.


I'd love to see Gail Norton explain her relationship with Jack Abramoff. Clearly no one in this two-crap town's newspaper will ask her, especially since it doesn't deal with John Elway.


I really like peterco's suggestion. I think that would be absolutely fascinating.

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