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Welcome Rebel Dem! And what a fantastic opening!!!!

I really miss Enid Goldstein. She seemed to be the only one in the media to have the "ovaries" to tackle this story...


"rebel dem" outta the gates like a shot! damn...


*standing ovation*

You have to wonder where that liberal media is that we hear about all the time. It is almost like it is a figment of some people’s imagination.



Welcome, Rebel Dem.

I have a lot of questions for the kid at King Soopers, but I'll hold them for now.


Um . . . I think Westword has been there and done that.


I'm more concerned about the number of ways he's screwing Colorado than the number of dames he has on the side.

Worst Governor Ever.

I'd prefer that the press ask about why a major Republican figure at the center of the drivers' license sale scandal is still out there running around.

I'd prefer that the media ask about the ties between Owens and the software vender for the new welfare system.

I would have loved to see them ask about why the fine on Coors was drastically reduced after Pete Coors donated money to Owens' inauguration.

I'd love to see them ask about the role that Owens' administration played in the firing of a CU professor for teaching students how to file FOI requests.

I would have loved to see them ask why he went back on his promise to allow universities to increase tuition in return for the voucher bill.

These are more important than questions about his family, but we won't see these questions asked either.


The difference "OUTTHEDEMS" is that Democrats aren't claiming that gay people getting married and the rights of rapists to force their victims to bear their children has anything to do with their marital problems.

Go back to lying so that 1500 of our troops can be butchered, you immoral puke.


There has been an occassional tucked away mention of the situation like this one in the Denver Post in February.

Westword's circumspection is reflected here.

I've heard the rumor in full, with a mother's name and the way that the two met attached, from a reliable source who claimed to have a fairly reliable source. But, I don't really know if it's true, and I don't really know of the people in the know of promised to out the whole thing if Owens seeks higher office. Still, denying the existence of your children, must be a hard thing for those children to bear.


Apparently you shop at a different King Soopers, outthedems.

Would you please ask your bagger about the Mystery Man who ousted the Denver Three from the alleged town hall?


Out the Dems, I don't think Rebel Democrat intended to start this firestorm on his first day or maybe he did. I believe there will be alot of legislator going home early tonight to explain things with the spouse.

WS GossipGal

Owens is so sure he is bulletproof from the press that he openingly brought his "someone very close, but not his wife" to a West Slope Republican fundraiser a couple of years ago. Unknowingly to Owens, a Dem had paid to attend the event and noted the cozy couple. The local Republicans had to lock their lips. They didn't dare toss a rock in a glass house.

The media knows all about "the infidelity stories" but say until they have a photo of proof, they won't print anything. Surely, someone out there can accomodate them.


If they end up doing unexpected grocery shopping, they could ask the baggers about the truth of outthedems' rumors.

And of course about the Mystery Man who ousted the Denver Three.


BTW – King Soopers is a Red Business. Rebel should know better… COSTCO is the place for him.

Alva Adams

Enough with just posting random personal rumors about politicians.


Isn't that what you do Alva, you hypocrite? Haven't you written about who hates who, crap about Rutt's staff or internal strife between Stratton and Finegan. Most of what you write is screwed up and wrong. It's OK for you to damage people, their careers, and their reputation, but when people mention a rumor about an elected offial, a govenor, having a love child, you get all up in arms. Get real.

Alva Adams

There's a fine line, yes. But there's a difference when people just throw up comments like "John Smith is an alcoholic," or "Joe Williams beats his wife." Those are completely unfounded rumors unless you can post along with it a) irrefutable proof, and b) relevance to the general public (it's affecting their politics or performance, etc.)

On the other side, there are a lot of Democrats who don't like Joan Fitz-Gerald, to use an example from today, and that could affect whether or not she could win a gubernatorial primary. That's relevant. If it's enough of an issue that it might affect the outcome of an election or a bill, then it's relevant.

How do you know when it's right and when it's not? There's really no way to explain it, because it's different for everyone. It's sort of like the "pornography rule": you can't always explain it, but you know it when you see it.


Alva's post about the "random personal rumors" was in response to a couple of posts that are no longer visible and probably were removed before you visited the blog. They alleged marital infidelity on the part of several Colorado Democrats.




Alva seems okay to leave up unfounded rumors about Governor Owens, why is that fair? Alva, where is the proof that Owens has a child out of wedlock? What is the womans name? Where does she live? How is rumor effecting his his public performance?


If you're going to sponsor someone as crazy and irrational as Rebel Dem, how about a good super conservative republican who thinks we should immediately terminate the welfare system and social security and build a gigantic retaining wall on the mexican border and all that?


I think Red Hawk's feelings are going to be hurt, Joey.


We get super conservative republican three times a day in four hour blocks by limpballs, hannity and savage...and counting.

Give me a break; stop whining, if you can't stand the heat get out of kitchen.

Anyone involved in politics in Colorado knows about Owens’ marital problems. I just want to know when are we are going to restore honor and integrity to our states governor’s mansion.

Do you guys not remember what Republicans did to Clinton? Every inch of Arkansas was plowed under looking for something on the guy. How about those state troopers, remember troopergate and those Vincent Foster suicide "rumors"?

You guys have got to be kidding me playing the victim now. Now here is a hanky, shut up and stop whining.



There is nothing the press would like more than to run the story of Owens' and his extramarital doings. But they don't have the goods, plain and simple. A lot of reporters have spent a lot of time trying to track down hard proof of this and it just hasn't been found. There is a ton of innuendo but nothing that a paper would stake its reputation on - if you're going to run a story like that, you have to have the proof, plain and simple. And they don't have it.


How about starting a "reward for absolute proof" about Owens? If we ousted him or he resigned in shame, before his term was up, it would throw Colorado Politics into a rinse cycle and tail spin (not a bad thought).

Start with the FSO social bees.

P.S. I think I know who threw the Denver Three Out !!!


Let Freedom Ring - don't leave us hanging like that. Please share ...

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