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George Karl Is My Hero

great work guys


Yikes! You guys are liberal.

Fahq Keith

So, because they are tying a huge national story that has carried on for weeks they are liberal? Do you even know how to read or think? Delay stinks as bad as Greeleon a hot muggy day.

Fahq Keith




Harry Reid

Wonder why we don't run the LA times 7 page story regarding Minority Leader Harry Reid kicking Millions to his son's on crooked legislation and yes Indian gaming issues, or Ken Salazar in the pocket of Indian Gaming dealer Council Tree that wants to build a mexaplex casino at DIA for a tribe (pick a name). Yeah Troy made a bad move but let's put it all on the table Republican and Democrat.

Donald E. L. Johnson

Seems to me that you're trying to tie together several separate controversies that really aren't related except that they involve prominent Republicans. This puts you in the position of trying to smear the party with the corruption brand, which doesn't make sense.

Yes, DeLay's a jerk with a poor sense of ethics, and Colorado Rs who support him are tainted with his odor. BB is particularly at risk on this score. DeLay must go.

Yes, McInnis has some explaining to do, and his sense of ethics seems to be of the inside the beltway order, which is a problem for him. But DeLay and McInnis hardly are alone in hiring their families.

How the Eid issue ties into DeLay escapes me. It's a separate issue, isn't it? Is it fair to try to link them? And how do you know Peters didn't impress? I think he's a smart, thoughtful and soft-spoken guy who has a tremendous record.

If you want smelly stories, look at Sen. Leahy, Sen. Boxer, Sen. Feinstein, Sen. Kennedy, Sen. Kerry, Sen. Clinton and any bunch of Dems you want to smear. I can dredge up questions about them all. Is that your next post? They all want support from Colorado, of course, so their activities are relevant, I guess.

Ben Gelt

here here, I say Dems and R's are two wings of the same disease infested bird. That's why I'm doing what I do, check out our website if you don't trust the parties . . .



I am interested iin how this is going to effect McInnis. I will admit, right off the bat, that I have serious issues with McInnis, the author of the "Rape Our Forests Initiative".

I am mad. I am mad about the estate tax repeal, and sick of a Neo-Con Republican party constantly giving tax cuts in a time of WAR. A war which the media seems to be doing it's best to ignore.

IF there are allegations of wrongdoings on BOTH sides of the aisle then I personally think they should fry.

Fry until they are carbon.

So, Don, if you have some allegations to make fire away. I will be reading. Just make sure that the violations measure up to the above.


Hey guys -- answer one simple query about Mr. Eid --
Why is it taking so long?
Salazar supports him so no confirmation issue. Name was sumbitted months ago.
If nary a problem why is it taking so long to give Troy Baby the job?


I would happen to agree with Ben. Most, not all, politicians are corrupt in some fashion ‎or another. But you now what folks, that’s the name of the game. The most important ‎lessons most ploi's will take away from this will be to play the game even smarter and not ‎get caught.‎

Phoenix Rising

Don, one wonders if it wasn't so much that Peters isn't impressive so much as that he didn't impress the one person that matters: Gonzales.

These are, in fact, three seperate issues/(scandals?) - DeLay, McInnis, and Eid. But the article's (valid) point is that DeLay's mess may spill over politically to both McInnis and Eid through association of actions (McInnis's hiring of family and Eid's Indian gambling work).

IMHO, the DeLay scandal will wind up taking down parts of the Texas Lege GOP, several Congresscritters, and possibly the GOP's hopes for 2006 in general. What it does to other people engaged in similar practices is less clear.


Troy is toast, no support and ethics questions a deadly combo. He and Lawyer and former Lt. Gov. Joe Rogers should form a law firm.


It seems to me that we all want ethical politicians, otherwise why are we so upset when they fall short. We should not stop demanding honesty and integrity from our leaders, whether they are republican or democrat, and whether they advocate policy positions in other areas we like or not.

Regarding your comments about Troy, there are some gray lines about being an attorney representing a position and actually believing in your client's cause that Troy may be caught between. This is an interesting article, but let's wait for the verdict.



You sound like a lawyer. Troy is toast -- and not just because of questionable ethics, no one likes him.

Donald E. L. Johnson

Today's Wsj.com reports on corporate sponsorship of Congressional trips to industry meetings, etc., which it says is legal and increasing. I used to cover meetings like these in the 70s and 80s, and frequently talked to congressmen and regulators who were then often paid to attend and listen.

Ethical? To the outside the beltway observer, questionable. To the corporate world and inside the beltway, routine and ok. Many do it, some don't. Considering how bought by campaign contributions Congress is today, I can't say these trips add much to the corruption, but they cetainly don't build public trust in the corporations or Congress.

This is a p. 1 story in this morning" Journal:


Donald E. L. Johnson

Former Colorado Congressman James Johnson is one of 10 former GOP congressemen who sent a letter to the House leadership complaining about its change in ethics rules to protect DeLay. Pressure is growing to dump the guy, but it will be a long fight that probably won't end until he's defeated at the polls or at the beginning of the next session. House Rs like the guy, respect him and are blinded by him.


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