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Could you be more sterotypically conservative here? C'mon post something of substance. You are literally posting on some College kids small e on a poster?


And it made me laugh, too. Some fun on a Friday.


Hmm. I doubt the president wins a lot of spelling bees.


But remember - Dan Quayle at least admitted to needing to use it.


quite a stretch on that one red hawk.

take a closer look at her sign - the small 'E' is part of the font she used to make the sign. The 'E' is small as well as the 'G' & 'O' in the word ignore.

time to let up a bit on CU or at least blog about the real issue surrounding the photograph - the wrongful dismissal of popular CU professor adrienne anderson.

adrienne anderson's contract was terminated as part of a conservative witch hunt to weed-out controversial professors who speak the truth regarding illegal environmental activities by ultra-conservative colorado corporations *cough* coors brewing company *cough* (a major contributor to CU).


Seriously, we have Rabid Dem fresh out of the gates spewing his liberal rants and all we get out of the so-called conservative blogger is a spelling error on a homemade sign?

Thanks. I'm enlightened.


Just because you didn't study in high school and had to go to CSU is no reason to take it out on these kids, Red Hawk.

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