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Well said Red Hawk! Beauprez is the real deal. He is honest, had private sector sucess, supports the party, and is a leader. He is clearly the best person to follow Owens which will be a tough act to follow for anyone.


Not so fast... there is still alot of time on the clock. We would be foolish to think B.B. won't make a couple of mistakes and with a veteran campaigner like McInnis ready to roll and Holtzman waiting in the wings to swoop up the conservatives anything can happen. With that said I agree with the current Governor's line the advantage does go to B.B. The only thing I would change is moving Coffman to 15-1 he is only a slight bit ahead of Schoettler and Tom Weins wouldn't see 30-1 on his best day he should be deactivated.


I'm not so sure about that, notsofast. Beauprez is an unquestionable conservative, and won't lose that block of the vote to anyone, even if one-time-titans like Bill Armstrong come in and endorse someone else. And let's remember that Armstrong and Bob Shaffer both endorsed Bob for the 7th in the 2002 primary. So Bob's not going to be outplayed on the right (especially by Holtzman - what are you thinking? Holtzman will go left).

And Beauprez's volunteer base is the most loyal I've ever seen. They work hard, they swoon when Bob's around, and they don't quit. It's really rather frustrating, because when you're trying to find volunteers for another race everyone tells you they think the world of your candidate, but are already committing all their free time to Bob. His ability to draw grassroots loyalty is, frankly, stunning.

As far as making mistakes, I think Bob has so far made it through this "town hall" thing as well as anybody good. No body could have anticipated that that particular story would finally get picked up by the media when it did, nor did Beauprez's office do anything particularly out of line. But the story blew up, and Bob has handled it quite well, from what I've seen.

And McInnis just doesn't bring much to the table except his stubbornness. He'll play Beauprez off as too conservative, which is not something that Beauprez has ever had trouble with. BB has shown a decided ability to win over moderates and unaffiliateds. Although he wasn't running against that strong of a candidate last year, I'd almost say his appeal to the center rivals McInnis's.

McInnis's presence in the race, and it looks more and more like he'll see it through to the end, clips Holtzman's wings. That probably actually helps Beauprez more than McInnis.

There's a way for Coffman to sneak by in a three-way if McInnis and Beauprez get dirty and train all their fire on eachother, but I don't see that as very likely. You'd have to assume Beauprez and McInnis are both using advisors with little discipline and focus. Not likely.

And as has been thoroughly discussed on this blog before, Beauprez is stronger in Novermber than McInnis. Rutt Bridges won't beat either of them - but Hickenlooper would clean McInnis's clock. Beauprez is strong in the south matro counties that we need to win. He negates Hick's advantage of having abnormally high popularity in Jefferson & Arapahoe.

McInnis cedes the entire metro area to Hick in the vain hope that somehow Pueblo's declining population and the west slope will be enough to slide by. It's not. And McInnis isn't likely to carry Pueblo against a stong Dem anyway. McInnis can build on Coors's surprisingly strong showing in El Paso and Douglas. But as Coors showed, carrying those counties as overwhelmingly as he did just isn't enough - even if he hadn't lost the ground in the rural areas.

It's suburban metro that you need to be competetive in, and right now the person to challenge Hick is Beauprez, and only Beauprez.


Well said.


As just one of over 500 core volunteers who helped Natalie Meyer launch the Draft McInnis effort, I have read with interest the inaccurate and ill-informed comments posted on this site. It is fortunate that other BLOGS and statewide media outlets that aren’t so heavily stacked with staffers and “insiders” with their own agendas more accurately reflect what I’ve heard from the voting public as we’ve kicked off the draft. They recognize that McInnis is a serious contender! People who make their decisions based on the person with the most experience – in state and federal government – who has worked tirelessly in the best interest of Colorado know that McInnis is the best choice. His direct, common sense approach to government has served our state well. He has a strong record of accomplishment that can not be disputed. Even the most dedicated Dems grudgingly admit that McInnis is a master at political strategy, though not always mindful of the toes he stepped on when rolling up his sleeves and doing what he was elected to do: act in the best interests of the citizens he represented. In my eyes that is a strength, not a weakness, because as evidenced by the successful, bi-partisan legislation he passed over the years, he is able to pull people together and get things done. So, you can sling all the mud you want, but McInnis has the legislative record and the leadership abilities to serve as Colorado’s next Governor. Fortunately McInnis and Beauprez are too classy and dedicated to the good of their party to engage in a slugfest, but McInnis’ statewide appeal, political expertise, and extensive experience make him a top contender. While everyone is entitled to their opinion, which is the purpose of a BLOG, I would like to engage in conversations that are based on facts instead of personal bias and petty comments. So, I would encourage some of you to pull back whatever curtain you are hiding behind to take another look, because Scott McInnis is beating a steady path down the “yellow brick road” heading straight toward the Capitol!


Well said cmorgan!

what I like

I like the personal bias and petty comments. Go to a policy website if you want to debate the merits of a bill.



I think I am going to puke.


CMorgan - you talk about 'why' SM may win, but not how. His policy positions aren't his weakpoint (except abortion in a GOP primary). The politics and campaign parts are the problem for him.

You just gave us copy of a mail piece.

Cheryl Morgan

Correction CM ~ I presented an opinion based on something other than snide remarks and political bias. In case anyone has forgotten, that matters in some circles...and in voting booths. As he has proved time and again, McInnis can hold his own in policy, politics, and campaigning. He's never had to rely on "king making" to get things done. The Governor's race will be no different. I have no doubt things will get interesting over the next 19 months, but am glad to be part of a group that doesn't focus on being petty and, unlike some, have the stomach for it.

Donald E. L. Johnson

My wife got BB's opening appeal for funds, which apparently went to those who contributed to President Bush last year.

It's a phony "help me decide" and, if you support my run, please contribue $1,000, xxx, xxx, etc. I hate phony campaign letters from guys who are telling their friends they are "in."

Frankly, the BB letter didn't grab me like the Coffman letter did last week. After reading Mike's letter, I wanted to send a check. Not after reading BB's.

Isn't time for someone to reasearch the candidates' comments and positions on key economic and social issues? I don't have the time this week. Where are the newspapers when you need them?

Donald E. L. Johnson

Pardon my spelling and grammar, I'm choking on the collapse of the Illini.

So, political pols, will the "well-respected political leader[s] in this state" overlook the games BB's consultants and letter writer have him playing with them? Or will they think, "is this guy a straight shooter?" And, will they ask "Do I want a candidate who makes such a basic mistake?" (I know, it's a common campaign tactic---a dishonest one.

Another thought, did the same writer produce the Coffman and BB letters? They're so similar in tone, except Coffman's has a little more warmth doesn't try to pretend he's "thinking about it." As noted previously, I'm not ready to commit yet. Once I know who Bill Armstrong supports, I'll support the strongest opponent.


Mr. Johnson. Please cease and desist. You're literally sucking the life out of us; those with you and against you.


As a simple fundraising tool, the Beauprez letter is "above average". But more importantly, the letter gives the recipient an opportunity to “respond” without necessarily giving.

I know this seems simple – but so many candidates fail on this very simple task (Coffman, included); even if you can’t get money out of a person, a personal note or (even better) a promise of support or notice of position can be equally important…

…Because that’s how a Base is built, quietly and steadily. Way to go – Beauprez Strategy.


500 loyal McInnis supporters..hmm. any elected officials?
Where is he campaigning? Hmm... why did he miss all those votes from June to December?
Hmmm... you really think McInnis is in to stay?

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