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Well said. When I first read about this in the paper, I thought, "What a bunch of elitists." Our morals are right, yours are wrong, so we're forming our own club. Why don't they put up a sign that says "No Girlz Allowed!"

They don't want to work with anybody else. They don't want to compromise or legislate. They want to get what they want or they'll take their ball and go home. I think we'll be better off as a party if we would just let them take their ball, if they promised to go home.


Learn how to spell Stengel...nothing worse than an "insider" that cannot spell the name of the House Republican Leader.



blogicus maximus

Has anyone read John Zogby's study of the investor class? It appears that race and gender are secondary factors to voting patterns. Economic status and the voters self defining themselves as "a member of the investor class" have a much higher correlation to voting tendencies.

Donald E. L. Johnson

How many GOP primary election candidates will pledge pro and anti-Study Group?

Will Dems be able to run against Rs by claiming all they want to do is be part of the Study Group, not represent their districts?

Will the Study Group be able to defend big government, anti-family values programs such as anti-abortion legisltion, anti-gay marriage legislation, prayer in schools legislation and goverment intrusion in end-of-life situations as being "limited government?"

Will the group try to blackball moderate Rs from running for the legislature, especially the House?

Will it try to elect all the Rs' House leaders?

Will everyone want to join, or what? Pack radicalism, or what?

Will they have their own blazers?


Donald, I think I speak for all of us when I say "What the hell are you talking about?"


I think ya'll are taking this a little too seriously, and I'm not just talking about Donald. This is a one-time, low-profile media hit. I'd be shocked to ever hear about it again, and I attended the damn meeting.


Donald et al. will be shocked into a coma when he finds out that members of the US Congress and US Senate actually have multiple caucuses! I hear there's a Hispanic caucus, a women's caucus, a western caucus and even a Republican Study Committee!

In fact, virtually every member of the legislature is a member of more than one! Aaaagggghhhhh!!!


Iz needs to get me one of dem Republican Study Commitee blazers! oooooo boy yeah

Donald E. L. Johnson

Sorry if my sarcasm bothered anybody. Sure, I know about study groups, etc. The simple question I was asking was, how serious is this effort? You all are down playing it. Interesting. Time will tell.

Final question? Why a study group? Thought these guys had all the answers?

Marshall Collins


I think the point is that Republicans have to represent more than the culture war that you want to push day in and day out. When a family has to decide between buying gas or milk they soon realize that gay marriage isn't the thing that is hurting their family. I commend Republicans for taking this important step forward in working to address their lack of well-rounded legislators and Red Hawk hit it dead on that Republicans must become a diverse party that can appeal to all the issues that are important to Coloradoans.

Rock 5

I think Red is on to something here... Even with matching blazers, how serious will anyone take the "study" group when they look like the board of directors of a country club?
I hope their political capital matches their retoric and they can pull in some women and minority members who share their ideas. Otherwise, they are just a club.


Shari Bjorklund. UGH. You could have named a smart Republican woman from western Colorado. We don't want Shari in any Republican strategy group. Trust me.


In addition to no women, this group is clearly and attempt by El Paso County conservatives to take over the party. With Schultheis, Lamborn on board and Kent Lambert as the Executive Director, watch out Colorado.

Speaking of Schultheis, Lamborn on board and Kent Lambert, I had a friend from El Paso County tell me that they have already decided that Lamborn will run for Hefley's seat, Schultheis will run for the Lamborn Senate seat, and Lambert will run for the Schultheis House seat. I am glad that they have it all figured out who will be where, I was worried that they might have to let the voters decide. I guess it is just the ignorance of the self-anointed.

captain obvious

so, wonderwoman, you were of the opinion that pols don't plan out their next race a couple of years ahead of time, and they don't give any thought to who'll succeed them when they leave?

get real.


I am real, but who says that they get to decide who replaces them? Talking about getting real, do you think that they should decide who succeeds them and the Republican sheep should just follow them along?

Fortunately there is backlash, look at former Rep. Don Lee, who wanted Justin Everett to replace him after he resigned. Justin was even arrogant enough to hold a fundraiser before the vacancy committee, but in the end he lost.


El Paso County should be in a strong leadership position within the party. Hello! The voting block is here. Lamborn is a shoe in, although I have serious doubts about Lambert. He ran a pathetic campaign against Merrifield.

John Routt

I think it is very questionable to say that anyone is a shoe in for the 5th Congressional seat. While Lamborn is competitive with his conservative base, I do not think that he is the front runner by any stretch of the imagination. Look at the list of people who are considering, or could be considered, for Hefley’s seat:

Doug Lamborn
Keith King
Ken Chlouber
Wayne Williams
Jeff Crank
Lionel Rivera
Doug Bruce
Jack Gloriod
Lynn Hefley

Now I am sure that there are other names out there, and while some of these possibilities are more moderate and would fracture the moderate Republicans in El Paso shoring up support for a candidate like Doug Lamborn, he by no means has the nomination in the bag.


Doug Bruce! For Democrats everywhere I hope he runs.


I hear Pam Rhodes might just run again. That would be great, but will the State Party actually support her this time?!?


If Helfey resigns early, his vacancy committee will appoint Jeff Crank. No Doubt About It.


Zogby's "investor class" is self-identified. I think it's easy to see why such a measure is biased. Liberal folks are less likely to self-identify as "investor class" than conservative folks. So as a measure, I'm not sure what it means.


yes, why have an election for Hefley's seat when we can just have a vacancy committee place Jeff Crank's name on the special Election ballot.


Pam Rhodes, Shari Bjorklund and E.C. Gaffney? You hit it on the head. All three of these people are excellent resources and very smart. I for one hope that Shari Bjorklund will run again someday. Her refreshing perspective and intellect is needed at the state level.

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