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The "kooks" will start watching her closely? Who are the "kooks"?


Hefley will not run for state senate. This is one of the most conservative districts in the state and Hefley's record betrays her from winning it, and she knows it.


The Vast Right Wing Conspiracy. And if you don't know who those folks are - I'm not tellin.


She has been a Conservative this session – no doubt about it. Which means she’s looking to the future.

Phoenix Rising

I'm surprised her husband is considering hanging around the House, what with his conflict with DeLay. Of course, considering the abrupt about-face yesterday on the Ethics Committee Rules, maybe he sees a ray of sunshine on the horizon...

Of course, the rumors of retirement could still be true; a State Senator isn't the full-time away-from-the-house job that US Representative is. She could still do her job at the State and get that "more time with the family" feeling if Joel retires.


It's got to be one of the safest places in the state for Republicans to fight it out. This district is so red that a Republican marmot could win. Schultheis or Hefley? Is there really THAT much of a difference?


"The "kooks" will start watching her closely? Who are the "kooks"?"

People who don't think there are 'kooks' in the El Paso County GOP.


Ed, anybody with the name Hefley can win that seat. If Lynn's actually running, then Schultheis better start raising lots and lots of money. He'll need $75k to win the primary.

Real Deal

Here is a thought- Correct me if I'm wrong, but Hefley hasn't come out against Ref. C yet and Schultheis has. C will pass with flying colors (but not necissarily in CS), and the Hefley name in CS is unbelievably well respected, will she live by the sword and support C? That may be the breaker here. If she did, that would be a tremendous boost to the Ref. C camp, in the Springs. Just hypothesizing......


Real Deal - No. You are incorrect. Hefley is not only against Ref. C (HB 1194) but she wrote a scathing editorial in the Springs Gazette last weekend against the Refund Grab.

Ter Ducken

I've got a question for anyone who might know the answer. Joel Hefley didn't raise a dime, according to the Rocky Mountain News a few weeks back, in the first quarter of 2005. Is that typical for him?

If I didn't know any better, it would seem like an indication that he wasn't really interested in running again. I know he's not going to be challenged anyway, so he doesn't need to raise money for a campaign, but even congressional members in safe districts raise money so that they can pass it around and gather favors.

I just wondered if anyone knew if it was normal for Hefley to not raise money for long periods at a time.

Phoenix Rising

TD, any idea what Hefley had on-hand? If he's already got the dough, he might not need any more. But you need *some* dough even if you're running against a paper candidate. Not raising cash is generally a good sign that you're not interested any more (or that your campaign is crashing down around your feet, which is certainly not the case with Hefley).


Hefley has not raised more that 20k per campaign cycle for over ten years. There has never been a need, once you win the Republican Primary.

Phoenix Rising

I want his job! His is probably one of the last remaining districts where you can get into the House on $20k! Heck, *I* could afford that!

Even Tom DeLay has to spend lots of $$$ in his district!


TD - Yes. It is typical of Joel to not raise money in off years; he's old school, and believes money should be raised the nine months before an election, be it primary or general. Also - let's try to keep in mind that at the close of 2004, Joel still had over 90k in the bank.


And at the end of March '05 - over 85k.

Ter Ducken

I assumed that was the case, but I wasn't sure. Thanks.


(this is relevant to El Paso and the christian conservatives, but read to the bottom to see why)

I think one of the most interesting political battles right now is about the proposed Pueblo Reservior expansion legislation to move water from Pueblo Reservior and the Lower Arkansas to Colorado Springs and Aurora. Currently the fight includes J. Salazar vs. Hefley, Beauprez, and Tancredo. The Pueblo Chieftain versus the Colorado Springs Gazette. The last two 3rd CD Legislators: Scott McInnis (Hogan and Hartsen) vs. Ray Kogovsek (Kogovsek and Associates). The list goes on. But, it's heated and intense. Ask any staffer. The two Southern Colorado Papers have now started using their editorial pages to slam each other, saying that the other paper is unethical and misusing their power. They've probably combined written 12 editorials JUST about the other paper.

Now, this is where it get interesting. The Colorado Springs Christian conservatives and Dobson have been attacking Ken Salazar, but Ken and John are currently holding up this multi year effort to move the water North. (the brothers have publicaly said they can't support the project until the Lower Ark District is on board). If Colorado Springs doesn't get the water, within 5 years it will be impossible to build another sub-division, because they won't have any water for those households. Ken, up to this point has been the moderating voice between brother John and the metro legislators. But, if he moves more towards John's position, putting up roadblocks to Colorado Springs, then this project will never be built. And, if you're Ken Salazar, why would you want to help out Colorado Springs right now? Colorado Springs has been begging Ken and John Salazar to help out with the water, but right now the Springs' own Dobson is giving the brothers plenty of reason not to bend over backwards for the Springs.


Question: If Schultheis is becoming a on-issue legislator, as Hefley implies, which issue is it? Seems to me he's a radical on a whole host of social issues (abortion, marriage, homosexuality, immigration, on and on and on)

I Think

Immigration? Maybe?? I saw Dave speak on - I think - Hannady and Combs (sp).


So is Culpepper going to run Schultheis's race?

Real Deal

I hope Culpepper does run it, run it into the ground. Crash and burn Georgy just like you usually do. That is the first good news I have heard on this blog today!


George is an egotistical sourtherner who does not know which way is up. Watch out buddy not everyone is a big fan.


Anyone else want to take a shot at good ole Georgy boy? Little boy blue I know you are out there and you would love it....


All of you are idiots! Culpepper can't run Schultheis' race because he is the Vice-Chairman of the El Paso County GOP Party. Get a grip. What do you have against this guy anyway. Seems to me, in the short time he has been here, he has done far more than any of you. If not, then tell us what you all have done?

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