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SO ANYWAY... back to the subject at hand (please, GOP Cops, Spin, and everyone else). Schultheis v. Hefley... Let's play this game for a while; where will other Legislators fall in their support?

I say Cloer goes with Hefley and King to Schultheis.

now your turn...


Cloer might suprise you and go with Schultheis but I won't bet on it. That's an interesting call.

How about Ed Jones with Hefley???

elpaso watcher

Cloer will definately go with Schultheis.

Schultheis stuck with Cloer in his primary battle last year, when every other cosnervative went with Stahnke. That's because while Cloer has his issues where he's flaky, he's a solid conservative on the hot-buttons: abortion and taxes. Schultheis knows it, and has a very solid relationship with Cloer.


And Wayne Williams? How about with Hefley.

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