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Alva Adams

We got this e-mail a few days ago and sat on it to see if it was really being circulated or if we were just being baited. Since it made it to RedHawk, a non-Democrat, we'll post the whole text. Here's the original e-mail we received:

Colorado needs to elect a Democrat as governor in 2006. And we think John Hickenlooper is the man for the job. He has moderate values. He has been an effective leader as Denver mayor. He maintains strong
ties to the businesss community. His approval numbers as mayor are over 90% right now.

But he needs to hear from us that he is our choice for governor.

Join our exciting movement as we draft John Hickenlooper to run for governor of Colorado.

Write back to find out more information or to let us know that you are willing to help. Forward this to your friends and let them know about this new movement. Get involved today and let's get John Hickenlooper to run!


Draft Hick

Draft John Hickenlooper for Governor in 2006!
Join the movement. Write us back.
[email protected]

Draft Hick

Thank you for the post and if anyone out there would like to get involved in the Draft Hick effort please write to our e-mail address.

Draft a Democrat

I don't know where you people come up with the idea that this guy is a good mayor. Do you even live in Denver? First off, this joke of a mayor is not a Democrat. He has no plan for this city, other then promoting his right-wing, business agenda. This guy might be good at being mayor of one of your puritan, suburban cities, like Littleton or Broomfield, but Denver, give me a break. Smoking bans, teen cerfuws, anti-homeless agendas, talking out of two sides of his mouth. Get this joke the hell out of Denver.


"Draft Hick" is a great concept! Hickenlooper would be a great governor and has the ability to withstand any opposition. People with moderate or liberal democratic ideals must choose between a far-right candidate like Holtzman or a moderate democrate. Even if Hickenlooper isn't radical or liberal he is much better than any republican. The fact is, no other democrate has a chance. So pick and choose between good or bad..

Anybody But

There will be about 10,000 City of Denver employees that will vote for the other guy if Hickenblooper runs.

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