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Work is dumb. Let's blog.


Be thankful you've got a job, ass.

Fahq Keith

Yeah, up yours Keith




Ah, the elevated discourse among our intelligentsia. Who would have thought the age of Cicero would be reborn in humble Colorado?

Ter Ducken

There's a draft hick webpage now:


It's an off year and we have no where else to go - nothing else to do.


Does every candidate for Governor have to be drafted or explore things or having listening tours, wish someone would just say "I'm running"!


Keith? Is that Keith King?


I agree, when is BB going to stop being coy and say he is running for Governor. He's like a tease that after a while you give up dating.


There has been a lot of talk around the Capitol about Madden taking Udall's seat when he runs for Senate. Has anyone confirmed this with her?


BB's best interst is not in keeping us hack happy by not being coy. BB's best interest is in fundraising (which he can do with an exploratory committee) without announcing. if he announces, he has to deal with media questions everywhere he goes, which will be dominated by TABOR reform questions all summer and fall.

BB can avoid choosing sides in that fight by not announcing.

His best interest lies in keeping this public part of the campaign as short as possible - perhaps not even doing a kickoff tour until NEXT June (although that's definately pushing it a little - February might be better).


any more news on staff changes at the gop? I happen to agree with redhawk on jack stansberry status as a rising star and I glad to hear he is taking such an important role with the party.


Jack is good.


Latest is that Sean Duffy, top communications whatever in the Owens team is leaving to join the Beauprez campaign. Duffy was the guy who they hired to start the Owens for Prez gig that fizzled after the marriage fizzled.

rocky mountain bighorn

The rift in the Republic Party deepens. Could it be that the use of "spoils" to award butt kissers has finally caught up to them???

How about appointing someone to a state office without realizing their qualifications were illegally gained? You don't think Texas Bill Owens would do this?

Check out some of his appointments before the last election. Maybe these appointments convinced the electorate that the Democrats might be a little smarter.

rocky mountain bighorn

Perhpas I misspoke earlier. Illegally gained might be too strong. How about changing that to unethically gained?

The matter of semantics could be important to some.

What the??

Rocky Mountain Bighorn - -

What are you talking about?? Complete random wackiness.


rocky mountain bighorn - I am interested in your thesis. Please list the names of these Owens appointees and how you feel their positions were unethically gained. Thank you.

rocky mountain bighorn

Perhaps one should examine the appointments made in the last 9 months before the election. Were the applicants checked out completely?

Why didn't the opposing party check them out since late appointments may have had an advantage in the elections. Incumbents are usually the choice of the uninformed.


Did anybody hear that Beauprez and Udall went to Iraq last weekend? Haven't seen diddly in the Denver press, and supposedly they had a joint briefing today that neither the Post nor Rocky chose to attend. If I'm a news editor, it seems that makes for a compelling story to hear what two Reps from Colorado with different points of view say after going to Iraq at the same time and seeing the same things. But maybe not... what gives?


rocky mountain bighorn - Perhaps one should examine the appointments made in the last 9 months before the election? Yes, and that person is you. I am interested in specifics please. You have made a specific accusation and I am awaiting the facts, or the interpretation thereof, that backs it up. I am quite interested in who "Texas Bill Owens" appointed "without realizing their qualifications were illegally gained". You made the claim and now you need to provide the information.

If you can not do so you need to retract your claim and make a more bland and general statement like 'Republicans are dirty because they promote thier cronies and consider no one but themselves'. I would certainly agree with that statement, and would expand it to include not only Republicans. Now I would like for you to back up your claim. Thanks again.


Bighorn alluded to Owens appointing people so that they could go before the voters as incumbents. I'm a little confused - outside of those ridiculous retention votes on judges, who in the hell does the govenor appoint who goes before the voters? Suthers, but that's clearly not wha Bighorn here is talking about. Donetta? I don't remember quite how she came to be in office, but I seriously doubt that's what we're talking about here.

Perhaps Rocky Mountain Bighorn has mixed up his states?


confused - Basically, that's what I'm getting at. Thank you.


What role is Duffy taking on Beauprez campaign? Spokesman? Consultant? Interesting.. I can not see him getting along well with Shari W.

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