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God Bless Ken Salazar! He has hit the nail on the head again!


Unfortunatly the nail was going through his big old wafflehead! Salazar is losing it. His stake of waffles keep growing and the only thing he can do is ask for more. My guess is tomorrow he will say FOF said it not him or that FOF is anti-hindu the support Bush Judicial appointees who happen to eat meat. I am thinking Dr. Dobsen wshould have about 20+ million in a 527 about time for Ken "waffleman" Salazar's re-elect.

alan smithee

How does anyone f*ck their life up so badly, that anything James Dobson or FoF says seems reasonable.
Has anyone noticed the ones that are the most hysterical have the most skeletons in their closet - alcohol, drugs, porn, 12 year olds?
The freaks don't just come out at night anymore...they're right here on my computer!


In the world of the radical right, any contrary viewpoints are viewes as either anti-American or Anti-Christian. Nothing will get in the way of their attempts to establish a Theocracy.


Seriously. Stop using waffle. Its getting annoying. You're not even citing examples of where he waffled and what it is he said. You just say waffle over and over again. I'm republican, and I'M tired of it.


Focus on the Family. What schmucks. Picketing Ken's Wifes DQ. Have they no shame. Do we picket Dobson's wifes place of employment. No. FOF is scum. Kick Ass Ken. This is what we need in our leaders courage to call a demagouge out.


Think about these terms: conservative, liberal.

Now, isn't Salazar's stance more conservative and the FOF's a bit, well, liberal doesn't quite fit... more like radical, extreme, self-serving, not representative of the majority, un-christian.

Joe Mamma

I love waffles! in the morning, in the afternoon, in the evening.

James C. Hess

Ken Salazar is saying the things he says because he is attempting to start a holy war of sorts, which he believes will gain him national attention, which he can use to gain higher office.

Ken Salazar has demonstrated he is a nasty, vile, immoral, unethical, little man who does not represent Colorado or Coloradoans. Like many members of the Democratic party he is self-serving and divisive.


I don't think the one term Senator is seeking higher office. It appears that he is already in over his head.


Salazar isn't the one starting a holy war and he isn't the one who is divisive. Dobson thinks anyone who doesn't support his narrow social agenda is subject to damnation and isn't worthy of breathing. He's called anyone who supports the filibuster anti-faith. He's a radical extremist no matter how much you try to spin it.


I love to see such tolerent Liberals.


Either way we slice it we just enflamed the religous right for the next election. This would be akin to the Republicans hosing African Americans in the south. If our goal as a party was to be competitive in the midwest and south and return to power at the Federal level we sure are not going about it the right way. Why poke the hard right in the eye like this? They the hard core Christians will use it to motivate their base and make this a Jihad against Democrats. When people get motivated spirtually i.e. Sept. 11th, they will walk through fire for their cause. This is not the kind of opposition I want to face as a Democrat political worker. I wish our Democrat leadership would realize we are making a long term and profound mistake by fighting this battle.


Focus on the Family does *not* equal Christianity and all Christians. An important point that CharlesE is missing here. It is also important to point out that many Coloradoans cannot stand Focus and will support a Senator who is willing to make a stand even though it invites trouble for him in the next election.

My concern is that Salazar will falter here. If he does it will be a mistake with lasting consequences.


Strider please read my post carefully. I said Hard core christians which is who Focus represnts. I think we are making a mistake picking this fight. We are playing right into the hands of the Republicans, I don't think Ken can see the overall ramifications of his fight.



My apologies after reading your post again I see your point.

Unfortunatly Salazar is in this now. He has to stand firm or he will get roasted. Western Democrats are tired of leaders who will not make a stand. Salazar has entered the fray here and he has to finish it well. That means standing by the filibuster.


No problem, I see your point as well we do need strong leaders but, we need to play smart. I fear this is not smart at all. Each day it escalates and we add more coal to the right-wing fire. I also fear they won't wait until Ken is up for re-election but go after John with bus loads of spiritually driven volunteers and a campaign war chest that will dwarf anything we can muster in defense.

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