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I think blanket/all encompassing statements are generally misguided. Having said that, I can think of more than a couple "dishonest dimwits" who have made their way past the rank of "supporters" in the Democratic Party. But that’s a personal opinion and naming such a list is pointless. For me it's as simple as saying both parties have credible and not so credible operatives/supporters. Judge ea. person as an individual.

Alva Adams

If you have any more questions for Lynn Bartels, get them in quickly. Enter them under the COMMENTS section in the Q&A With Lynn Bartels thread.


Rumor has it that Hickenlooper told Bill Ritter last week that he wasn't running. This would be consistent with what I've heard from associates who are very close with Hickenlooper.


John is not running, I know, he told me, move on.


Wow, intheknow was told by Hickenlooper that he is not running. We can just accept it as fact and send out a press release because intheknow has so much credibility.


Dear a, I would like everyone to mark the time and date I said John H. will not run for Governor so when the News, Post, Colorado Pols, 9news tickler, etc... all flash!!!! "Mayor Hickenlooper will not run", you can blog me and say "Intheknow, you said it before them all I apologize."

Ter Ducken

We'll mail you a trophy.

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