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Humans and animals! LOL!

I get it, I can just see the PSA now . . .

*Deep bass music playing in the background* "same-sex marriage the gateway drug to beastiality."

Oh man! Thanks. I have not laughed this hard in a long time.


Oh my! Same-sex marriage? Bestiality? What next, gay dogs getting married? Horses and pigs in matrimony?

These people are really scared. When you start seeing radical views so far to one side (or the other) then it's time for a reality check. My advice to the sane Republicans would be wise to let this dog(!) lie for a while.

As for the Republican Party being a punch-line in this state, look no further than Doug Bruce. His idea of free speech is packing a TEC-9.

Ter Ducken

Interesting how there are no comments from Republicans defending their party here. I think they're sort of like, "um, yeah, this isn't good."


You're right. Pretty hard to defend. However, elections are usually won or lost by the candidates, especially as you get farther up the ticket where each has more money to spend defining himself and his opponent.

It probably will affect those state leg. campaigns that don't spend a lot of money.


I'm sure Mr. Dobson will put up enough dough to make all this crap go away. The scary thing to me is the invasive nature of government today, I wish we could go back to the days of slashing government spending instead of constantly creating new departments to suck up cash.


It's one thing to slash spending. It's another thing to take a bonesaw to it.


The one thing the Republicans can't afford is to have Dobson be their sugar daddy this upcoming election. If his wing of the party is the sole big money coming in, it's going to be reflected in the candidates who run; they'll most likely be in line with Dobson's far right agenda.

Republicans need to understand that the far right won't win big in Colorado, just like the far left won't win big for the Democrats. It may come across as mealy-mouth to the hardcore party activists on both sides, but centrists who can cross party lines are what's needed for success in elections.

Personally, I can't stand it as I come from the far left of the Democratic Party. But I'd rather see a centrist with a D next to his or her name than any Rs. And, until things swing further left (if ever), I can't expect candidates who I agree with down the line to win elections. To make up for it, I've found there are other ways to fight for issues I care about besides elections.


Dobson support the Republicans? I think not. He would rather chastize the Republican Party for not doing what he says, then expect to be treated like a king by the same Republicans he shows no respect for.

Ter Ducken

Fear the SpongeDob.

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