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McCaskey would be a great candidate in CD7. He's been a solid elected offical in the biggest county in the 7th. Very effective


If he's married and has a family - I like him better than Rick already. As much as Rick works at the policy issues, he still fails to identify with a majority of republican voters; those with dependants.

Ter Ducken

Aren't McCaskey and Paschall buddies?


The credibility of this site, particularly of Redhawk's posting is going downhill fast. I really enjoy how there no discussion, whatsoever, of the problems with this idea. First, he was just elected to clean up the Jeffco County Commission (what did he go to the Ken Salazar school of political mobility??). Second, what is his "real life experience" as opposed to either O'Donnell or Paschall? Is this yet another "I need a bigger paycheck so I am running for Congress story?". Third, how is this guy any more moderate or conservative than the other candidates and what assumptions are you making?

It is obvious to me that both Alva and Redhawk have some sort of axe to grind and they are using this site as the grindstone.

Scott Carlsen

McCaskey a "solid elected official"? Gimme a break. He just got elected in Jeffco and has barely been there three months!


O'Donnell doesn't identify with most Republicans???

Then explain why O'Donnell, without any cash, top-lined in `02?

George D.

For McCaskey to win, he's gonna have to do a lot more than solicit "dependents".


There's no "e" in McCasky. And he first got elected countywide in 1998, again in 2002, and yet again in 2004.


Ducken - EVERYONE is friends with Kevin. He's everybody's best pal and has no real political enemies.

Kneel And Bob

Is McCasky a conservative or a moderate? Great question - here are the 3 positions McCasky has taken a stand on:

Against The BPP
Against Fast Tracks
Against Ref C

Kevin has made a career of not taking a stand and being everyone's buddy. He may be a fiscal conservative, but he hasn't taken a stand on any social issues. I beleieve he is Catholic with 2 kids, but that doesn't really mean anything (Think Senator Salazar). Plus, I'm not sure what Kevin's non-politcal experience is. Kevin is 42 (Or will be soon), he's been a Jeffco Officeholder since 1998, and before that I believe he was a staffer for Hefley. O'Donnell's experience is solely political wonky stuff, and I beleive Paschall had a sales or insurance Job before he got into politics.

One thing I do know is that Republicans beat each other up and waste resources in primaries, while the Dems ban together. Hopefully, Republicans can avoid this and choose the best candidate. Fortunately or unfortuately, it looks like O'Donnell has lined up the money guys, plus stalwart conservatives like Fmr. Sen. Bill Armstrong...It may be time for everyone to get behind ROD, and see if the seat is winnable without an excellent candidate like Beauprez.


McCasky is one of those “in the perfect world” Republicans. He WANTS to be a US Senator and believes the stair-step method of campaigning (through Congress) will get him there.

Does he want to Primary Rick? No. He would much rather wait until the seat is simply offered to him, but that’s not ever going to happen.

He’d also like O’Donnell to serve two terms and then self impose a term limit – but again, that’s not going to happen.

Kevin is very worried that Rick will win, be successful, and stay in Congress for the foreseeable future.

Good for Rick – Bad for Kevin.

And he is beginning to realize the only opportunity he hast to fulfill that personal agenda is to run now – because really, 16 months is a lifetime in politics. (We Republicans know this very well.)

If ever there was a time for *Bruce Benson* to wade into the mix – now would be it. To head of Kevin early would the best thing all-around.


The reason Kevin is so chummy with everyone is he's never actually accomplished anything. Assessor? Gimmie a break. He's been in the commissioner's job such a short time -- 120 days? -- we have yet to see him accomplish things. It takes more to win than showing up and being chummy (think Dick Sargent). Reagan and GW had lots of enemies but knew that you have to break eggs to make an omlett. What's Kevin going to run on -- "I did a good job sending you notice of your home valuation."? He's never had a primary or general race to speak of. Is he really ready for prime time?


Will Beauprez actually challenge Holtzman?>
Clearly Beauprez was not anticipating Short Marc staying in the race -- I know Beauprez is making all the moves to run for Gov -- but, his boys clearly felt that they had a good chance of getting Holtzman out --
Hmmm -- what will Short Eddie do if Beauprez decides to run for reelection?
Hmmm -- Only card Beauprez can now play is having Georgie Bush offer Holtzman a big fancy job --


Okay, vladimir - you got me with Short Eddie... who is short eddie?

SW Jeffco resident

McCasky is a friggin A$$hole. Nice voting fuker...I'd love to see you late at night walking down the street.

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