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That will make it hard for them I would imagine.


We may need to add Corsentino to the list, as well. With just over $4,000 in the bank still - he's got plenty of cash to start another run, and apparently HAS NOT ruled out Congress.

Flash Dance

Hell, I'll run! That's what the republicans need is another 17 people fighting to lose to Salazar.


Matt Smith is running for State Senate Dist 5. Dan Corsentino is running for re-election as Sheriff. Rippy is running for Jack Taylor's SD in 2008 (already announced)


FYI: Gregg Rippy's name is spelled with two g's, not one.

Phoenix Rising

What in the world does Walcher think he has to offer in a re-match? If Salazar was popular before, his voting record has certainly put him even further on top for '06.

Will the CD-3 Republicans vote for him to run again in the '06 primary, or will they go with Tipton or someone else that hasn't already lost to Salazar? I'd rule out Smith, since he says he's running for State Senate.

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