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Sounds like another government plot by W to seek out weapons of mass destruction in N. Colorado.. (read: Dems who might be able to beat MM). Also, sending DC off on fundraisers gives W a chance to see how he might be at running the government himself. (Dick is always close, just in case).


Anyone know if Mary Cheney attended the fundraiser? If she did attend, did Madame Musgrave try to exorcise her of the demon of Lesbianism?


Gee, another condescending hatemonger denigrating Mary Cheney's chosen path in GOP politics, while denying MM her right to believe as she chooses. Typical of the tolerance crowd.
The funniest part is MM being on a top ten list of vulnerable. The wacko Left lost by ten points during a charged Prez race, so let 'em waste their money here in '06.
Now we just need to get 430 more MMs elected...


How exactly is my comment hatemongering? Mary Cheney is a Lesbian, she lives with her partner in a Denver suburb, her father was in town doing a fundraiser for a prominent Republican in Colorado politics--seems to me she should have been in attendance. To not be would not be promoting Family Values!

Given that "MM" as you call her (I prefer "Mad-Cow" Musgrave, but let's not quibble), believes that Gays and Lesbians are possessed of the devil, I would think that she would seize upon the opportunity to exorcise this upstanding Republican of the demons possessing her. Then as soon as she finishes with Mary, she can fly off to Spokane and rid the mayor of his demons as well...

coppier paper

200k is NOT that much for a fundraiser that Cheney attended. Personally, I am not very impressed. MM's seat is in trouble.


That's the way I read it to cp...looks like a sitting VP should draw more than 150 people to lunch. Maybe the supporters are having trouble figuring out just WHO MM is trying to represent?


Recently Dick Cheney raised 200k for Rick Renzi in Arizona as well. We are 18 months out from an off year election to boot. How much does Dick usually raise?

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