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I'll believe the turnaround when she gets a new staff. I don't care if the staff is right-of-right, but the current folks have abandoned us out here - curt emails and poor constituent relationships.

If she's starting anew, she shouldn't overlook her staff, as well.


The problem is, she has gained a huge donor file over her DOMA stance. If she abandons that, she loses a huge block of her donors. However, many of the donors on this list are not in her district, so they don't cast a vote. Its a political dilemma for her.


Any further word on who might be running against her?


Who's running against her is a good question. Matsunaka got beat again even with all the money from Jared Polis and his friends. The 4th CD has never been held by a Democrat and unless there is a really super primary opponent I think it will be nearly impossible to knock her off. Have you seen her fundraising from last quarter? $338,000 with $422,000 on hand and that was still 21 months out.



I think it will be an uphill battle but not "nearly impossible". There have been Dem's in that district before (although 1973 was the last time). One factor that might possibly work in the Dem's favor this time around is that the DCCC might target this race if the State party can get a competetive candidate in there. They smell blood in the water after Musgrave's last race when she was only able to sweeze out a 6 point victory over an opponent she beat by 13 points previously.

Its becoming increasingly obvious that her district does not like her. The only question is whether or not they dislike her enough to cross over and vote for a Democrat this time around.

But yeah, that is pretty unreal in terms of the amount of $$ she is raising.


I didn't think it was a secret that there is a lot of rumbbling going on in the 4thCD urging Angie Paccione (HD53) to run. She won last outing with 58% of the vote and has been working quietly over the last two years to build a broader base outside her district. And, has the support of some in state money as well as some out of state big hitters whose favorite candidate is ANYBODY running against Marilyn Musgrave

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