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Yes, but we still don't *know for sure* that Hefley is retiring, do we? Anyone out there heard anything new??


Overheard on House Floor, Lynn is looking forward to hubby's retirement...enjoying travel and family.

Meat Hook

This is a huge victory for Hefley and a good indication he will be leaving. Some close to Hefley feel that he ran solely in 2004 for this round of BRAC. Get ready for Crank-Bacon in 06.


What about this guy? It looks like he has some republican friends in high places according to his resume. And the medal of honor cred is nice as well. Is he active in politics down in Colorado Springs?



Okay - here's a serious question: any thought that Lynn might run for Joel's seat instead of Lamborn's? It's not like it never happened before...


I have never heard of Peter Lemon, but he looks qualified. Someone who has actually been in the military would be a plus, especially for Hefley's district.


Lynn was originally being "Groomed" for that - but her time in the state house has pretty much killed any desire she had for serving in congress.

the rumors i choose to believe are the ones that say that if, indeed, Joel retires, Lynn will too and won't run for Lamborn's seat, so that they can enjoy retirement together. If Hefley wants to do some more time in Congress, Lynn will follow suit and go for the state senate, rather than retire alone or move to DC to be with Joel.

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