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alan smithee

This issue has already become too much of a distraction for the Lamm campaign. No amount of damage control or spin is going to make this go totally away. Her advisors should earn their last paycheck by finding a way for her to gracefully exit the race.
It has nothing to do with her gender or Ed Perlmutter's prominence within the party and everything to do with her first campaign step causing her to fall flat on her face. A self inflicted wound is the most difficult to recover from, but let's watch as Lamm and her supporters blame everyone else but the candidate herself.


I like Jody Hope Strogoff. She does a weekly interview with KUNC that is always interesting. It's past time the Statesman went online.

Ter Ducken

It really is baffling that the Statesman isn't online. They could double their readership.

John H.

Ed hasn't won an election in the 7th CD since 1998. He only represented 1/7th of the district as a State Senator, and that was so many years ago I doubt people there even remember him!

Today, the 7th CD's state delegation is almost ALL women - and not bleeding heart women, either, but strong, tough, kick you in the nuts kind of women. That's exactly what Peggy Lamm is, and while no one can deny she fumbled this one, Peggy is going to pick herself back up and kick Ed right back. Probably in the nuts.

Bob Horseman

You guys are crazy if you think gender isn't a big issue in this campaign. Bill Thiebaut lives in Pueblo. What interest does he have in the 7th other than helping his old-boy network friend Ed?


Your right Bob and John, and Bob Beauprez is the ugliest elected woman I've in CD7 that I've ever seen. And I saw Kevin McCasky and Marc Paschall looking to get breast implants at the plastic surgeon's office last week.

By the way John H., when you are elected in the Senate in 1998, your term ends in 2002. And, if you're a good soul like Ed Perlmutter is you are visible in the campaigns of others in the State.


Hey Bob == why does Thiebault care?
Hey Thiebault is a good guy -- Thiebault worked his ass off as the Lt. Governor candidate for that loser Rollie Heath -- a lot of guys would have done nothing but not Thiebault -- while he is busting his ass that two bit little opportunist Lamm decides to endorse Bill Owens & goal to parties to benefit Jane Norton -- Gotta give little Eddie credit -- he forwarded this damaging stuff to Emily's List and has got Lamm on her heels -- Ricky Ridder and Jimmy Merlino have been telling one and all the Emily's List was on the Lamm train --
Are they telling the truth and Colorado Pols got it wrong? Or, are they spreading falsehoods in order to save a Lamm ship that is sinking fast -- those boys need to keep it afloat to milk some more money from Ms. Peroxide 2005


Roll Call article today, plays the race fairly straight up for both candidates, probably gives Ed a little better shake.

Not that Pols could ever, ever be wrong, but the article does say......

Lamm seems to be also attracting a fair share of support, including from EMILY's List, the powerful Washington, D.C.-based organization that raises money for Democratic women candidates who support abortion rights. Although the group hasn't formally endorsed Lamm, EMILY's List Communications Manager Carrie Giddins said, "We are working very closely with Peggy Lamm on a daily basis and we are extremely enthusiastic about her campaign."


Don't forget that it was EMILY's List which took over and lost the Inez Tennenbaum US Senate campaign in South Carolina and the Betty Castor US Senate campaign in Florida in '04. We could only that they move into the Lamm HQ.


Bringing it back to the Statesman - it reminds me of a rule I once heard: never go against someone who purchases ink by the barrel.

Goin agaist Jody... sshhesh. That's a no-win.


Emily's List does not manage campaigns -- but they can be insufferable -- they are the reason that Bean defeated Crane in Illinois and DeGette won her seat here in 2006. Without Emily's List Peggy Lamm is in serious trouble -- Peggy is paying a lot of money to a high priced stable of handlers -- & covering their fancy lunch expenses -- yet they ain't raising money -- Am I right or wrong Peggy fans?
On a positive note her name tag is bigger than Ed Perlmutter


Ooops, Emil's List helped DeGette in 1996 --
Sorry for the faux pas or is that a fox paw?

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