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Do most of the R state reps decline or is it a problem with scheduling? Just curious.

Alva Adams

The majority are non-responses, where we just never hear back. Some people decline, some people are difficult to schedule. But the majority we just never hear back from.


Is there a reason you're allowing a "delayed" response from Allard? We all know it won't actually be him if you do it this way - it'll be an intern and a press flack. Come ON, guys!

Alva Adams

We're offering the delayed option because it's unrealistic to expect a U.S. Senator -- whether it's Wayne Allard or Ted Kennedy -- to physically spend a day answering reader questions at Colorado Pols. There's no way we could have scheduled that. We would think that would be obvious.

We would fully expect Senator Allard's office to see the questions and answers before they go out, and we would assume everyone else (like yourself) assumes the same thing. The important thing is that Senator Allard is responsible for the content of the answers.

It is our understanding that Senator Allard will answer your questions. Will he physically type out the answers himself? We didn't ask. What difference does that make?


I doubt that Senator Allard will ever even see the questions. By allowing this to happen Colorado Pols is making a mockery of a farce.


Why are you guys bothering with Dan Grossman?
I see his campaign Manager is Mark Mellanson -- with that guy in charge Dan will be very lucky to even get the 30% that Mark's last candidate Don Mares got -- hey why are the Dems simply writing off the AG's race? Dan has not a chance especially with the campaign team he has


Hey Vladimir,

Look who’s incompetent. His name is Mike, not Mark. And by the way, Mike led the Tobacco Tax initiative to an overwhelming victory, with over 60% approval. Get a life!

What campaigns have you won loser?


Easy, Mark. You're actually starting to sound like a goddess.

Since you brought it up, who ran the opposing campaign to the tobacco tax?

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