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Remember that Carroll is loved by the CTLA; when she announced for the State House, she raised money with ease. Trial lawyers would open up their pocketbooks quickly for Carroll in a CD race. Money is not her achilles heel; she certainly has a leg up on the other two in natural ability to fundraise.


I am very pleased Rep. Carrol is looking at the race I would love to have a choice between two accomplished females. I find it very hard to get excited about Perlsputter. I am a die hard Miles believer and our cause is the cause of the real Democrat Party and we need standard bearers not more out of touch wealthy 17th street lawyers.


what is with this site's infatuation with a freshman legilsator who has never even so much as passed a bill?

M-Carroll may well have a future in politics but she needs a lot more experience. I think anyone that has watched her closely on the House Floor, dealing with other Legislators, and even dealing with the Lobby would recognize this.


I will commend Morgan for her comments during the floor debate to override the Gov's veto. She was very impressive...


I am a big fan of Carrolls but it is two early for her to do this. Give her a few years and she will be a heavy hitter.


Morgan Carroll has a future in politics but she is probably too liberal for this district in the long run. The best she could do is upset Perlmutter and blow the Democratic Party's chances for pickling up a congressional seat. If she comes off as an overly-ambitious spoiler, and blows the race, her career in Democratic politics will be over. She is better off helping Perlmutter and creating a base beyond liberal lawyers.


If Morgan enters the race, she'll win. Lots of people run for Congress who haven't held previous office and they do just fine. In fact, you could argue that they often do better than the so-called "seasoned pros."

Morgan is the most exciting Democrat being talked about for this race so far. Plus, She's no "latte-sipping elitist liberal." Her agenda is mainly bread-and-butter blue collar issues, which would play well in the 7th CD.

The thing I like best about her is that she doesn't jump when a lobbyist talks. Plays well with the voters too.


As a republican in the 7th I can only hope and pray that the Ds are crazy enough to nominate Carroll. I don't know about her choice of beverages, but bring on the "elitist trial lawyer!" If being anti-gun, pro union, pro abortion, pro government regulation of just about everything and pro higher taxes is blue collar then she is perfect for the district.

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