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What is going on between the Gov. and the Treasurer's office? Why is it taking so long for an interim treasurer to be appointed? Can anyone confirm that Coffman is feeling increasing pressure to resign so Owens can appoint an R who could then run as a true incumbent in '06? I should note that Owens had earlier stated he intends to honor Coffman's request to get his job back after serving in Iraq...


According to Denver Post, Rep. Witwer is picking up CBMS post. Who is next in line there?


A colorado connection - Mr. Noe, a prominent Toledo-area Republican fund-raiser and rare-coin dealer, has misappropriated “more than $10 million” in state assets.




Colorado joins probe
Jacki Tallman, a spokesman for the Jefferson County, Colo., Sheriff’s Department, said detectives from her staff have joined Ohio authorities in investigating the Colorado ties to the state’s rare-coin investment.

In October, 2003, the sheriff’s office investigated the apparent mail theft of two gold coins worth about $300,000 from the venture’s Colorado office. A former employee, Michael Storeim, reported the theft to authorities, but Mr. Noe never contacted civil investigators about the missing state-owned coins.

“We are onboard with the current, reopened investigation,” said Ms. Tallman. “We are working with the state of Ohio.”

Ms. Tallman said two Jefferson County investigators have been assigned to the case.

Mr. Storeim’s attorney, Brian Jeffrey, said he had “no idea” these developments were forthcoming. Mr. Storeim has been blamed by Mr. Noe and colleagues for the misappropriation of 121 coins from the fund’s suburban Denver office.

“It does certainly appear the problem with the fund is not Mr. Storeim,” Mr. Jeffrey said. “This all came as a surprise to us. We had no idea there would be anything like this discovered.”

Earlier this month, Mr. Storeim filed suit against Mr. Noe, claiming the Maumee businessman instructed at least two of his employees to seize $500,000 worth of his valuables from the Denver office.

Phoenix Rising

Well, now THAT's interesting, marshall; thanks for that little tidbit. For those not in the know, Mr. Noe is a Bush Pioneer, and the investigation is beginning to focus on whether some of these missing $10m in funds went directly into the Bush and/or Republican campaign coffers.

Also involved is Ohio SoS Ken Blackwell, late of the Ohio election controversy. Blackwell refuses to open an investigation into Mr. Noe, saying that he is a man of unimpeachable character.


Who keeps half a million dollars in valuables around the office? What was it, his kids?

Phoenix Rising

He's a rare coin dealer. If you read the excerpt, it notes that just two missing coins alone were worth $300,000. Ya think he might have had a couple hundred K worth of other coins if just two were worth $300k?

C'mon, Ralph - just because it looks bad for the R's, don't let your senses leave you...


OK, but they could have said "seized his assets in the business" rather than "his valuables from the Denver office."

My senses left me, but not my wife.

Phoenix Rising

Update to story: The head of the Ohio workman's comp bureau, James Conrad, has just resigned over this scandal. Mr. Noe has also resigned and his whereabouts are unknown. The State is working to freeze Mr. Noe's assets, and the State doesn't have a good inventory of its collection to know which coins are missing at this time (it seems Mr. Noe handled that aspect of the investment...)

At this point, I'd have to put this one up for nomination in "at least they're not you're bureaucrats!"

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