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I read that story and kept remembering my favorite Ken Salazar commercial - the one with him riding in on a horse and ending with him talking at the fence. Cowboy, Rancher, Naturalist. If that commercial is still seered into my brain, then obviously the campaign was successful in portraying that persona.


The Salazars have mastered what Ben Campbell wrote the book on. Create an a nostalgic image and Coloradans will continue to elect you to office regardless of your politics - or what party you want to be a member of. Congrats to the boys from the Valley! VIVA! Beware though Democrats not to read to much into there success and act as if it were a mandate for all Dem's. Republicans still rule the ways of the state and will return to that rule with a non-Kerry GOTV effort in 2006.


I'm glad it takes a team of PHDs at CU to state the obvious.

Hugo O'conor

They didn't run as Latinos because they are HINO's. You can't seriously compare a 7th generation American to those that have been here 2 generations or less. The Salazar brothers cannot represent the hispanic communities anymore than Hickenlooper represents the Dutch community.
It would be pandering if they were to emphasize their latino surnames and try to benfit from it... oh wait,nevermind.

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