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once again colorado pols, you're right on the money with this one. don't know if I would have been so nice and called adams just a "weak lobbyist" though. looks like his boastful behavior and pompous attitude have finally gotten the best of him here (and i thought i was the only one who noticed this).

quite ironic how this guy was strutting around post-election taking all of the credit for the democratic gains but somehow still can't get his legislation passed. sorry steve, you're under the gold dome to stroke the egos, not throw your own into the mix...


I am wondering, and maybe someone knows the answer to this -- is organized labor as a whole supporting Honey Fitz-Gerald for Governor or is just another screwball idea from Adams?

Phoenix Rising

Fitz-Gerald has strong overall Labor support, I believe. However, if Adams goes away, there's no guarantee that the replacement lobbyist is a supporter. Is that what you're trying to get at, Vladimir?


Adams is a tool, but it dosn't matter. Labor continues to become marginalized in CO, and will continue isolating itself in the future. Their support dosn't mean all that much anymore. Dems elected in centrist districts are screwed if they submit to labor's often extreme demands. The machinery just isn't there any more for labor to make or break a campaign. You'll notice that even in Pueblo, the little Pittsburg of the West, there are elected officials who refuse to do special favors for Labor. Their money helps, but isn't significant enough. Candidates/Officials who are 100% in labor's pocket face the negative label of "Labor Candidate": What Joan Fitz-Gerald will be known as if she runs for Gov.


Steve Adams is not just a lobbyist for labor. He is the President of the State AFL-CIO - it is an elected position amongst labor leaders.

Steve Adams has strong support from all of the labor community (as does Fitz-Gerald). If this is how the House Dems respond to well deserved criticism from the session, they are going to have a long campaign season in 2006. I'd hate to be a vulnerable House freshman.

G Meany

These legislators are afraid to put their names to these attacks because it is their lack of expereince that is to blame. Petty infighting between legislators in committees and some legislators pushing the wrong button are more to blame than anything Adams did or did not do. Adams mobilized an unprecedented labor effort last cycle that helped usher in these majorities. This rumor is nothing more than sour grapes of legislators who failed to do their job. Blaming the lobbyists for a lack of legislative accomplishments is like blaming the fans when the Rockies lose.

Also, why single out Adams?

Colin Kennedy is the head lobbyist on workers comp issues, what about his role? Bob Greene does the Building Trades work, not one of his bills went through. These legislators are lodging these anonymous attacks because Adams is the one doing his job: holding legislators accountable for their campaign promises.


Steve Adams is a pompous, egomaniac -- he is a weak lobbyist -- Colin Kennedy never made the comp issue a priority and Bob Greene is too old and too tired -- Labor needs a solid lobbyist.
That being said -- Steve Adams was 100% correct in his criticism of Speaker Romanoff -- The Dem leadership lacked the guts to stand up for working families -- than they lacked the guts to stand up to labor and tell them the truth so they had Anne McGihon lie about why she voted the wrong way on a major bill -- The Reps are licking their chops.
As to Joan Honey Fitz-Gerald will labor back her or will they remember that backing a Senator in a primary (see Mike Feeley in 1998) did not turn out too well?

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This he said/she said dialogue should make for an interesting subplot to the 2006 legislative session.

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Im very much sure that Steve adams cant do his job but let see what his destiny wil decide....

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Adams is a weak lobbyist who does little more than chew his gum and wave his hands. Find some other, I say.


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