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Susan B

What a moron. If I lived in that district, she would have just lost my vote for being stupid.

Shish Kabob

Looks like Peter Blake did some fact checking and skewered Lamm again today.


Lamm now has the worst of all worlds. It is no longer a question of having to explain supporting Bill Owens in 2002 to angry Democrats; it is now an issue about her credibility and integrity. "I actually voted FOR Bill Owens BEFORE I voted against him"...The Republicans will have a field day with her if she survives the primary process. Interesting that, once again, the vaunted Denver Post misses the story completely and is upstaged by Pete Blake (twice) and the lowly Colorado Statesman...


Hey let us all be friends:
It is time for the Heaths and the Lamms to make peace -- they can form Lovable Whiny Limosine Liberal Losers -- that worthless pack Dottie Lamm, Rollie Heath, Josie Heath
have done immense damage to the Democratic Party -- They should have thrown that whole gaggle of Lamms and Heaths out of the party along with Chris Gates than Pat Give the Dog A Bone Waak the Dem State Chair would have done something truly good for the party

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