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If Kevin really is serious, maybe the best thing to do would be to let Rick file a few times (and hit a fundraising plateau) before officially entering the race.

Either that - or come waltzin' in after Paschall and O'Donnell have muddied eachother.

Rock 5

Well Done, Red. You forced the bunny out of the whole, now we just need someone with a BB Gun to take him out.


Rock 5:

I'm confused by your post. Take whom out? Violence?


And does the BB gun have anything to do with the current officeholder in the 7th of the same initials?

I think

I think Rock just means that McCasky was trying to hide until later in the race - now everyone knows he wants it - and he's going to be forced to either take some serious postitions (for once) or bow down to Odonnell. And ya - maybe Bobby B., too, if Odonnell is really Bob's guy for this seat.

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