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The Mayor is NOT running. He has said it very clearly 10 times. Alva you are doing a real diservice to our Party by pushing his name at the expense of our possible candidates who will run. Please pick up the phone like you did with Marc Holtzman and call the Mayor's Office maybe then you will end the spin.


i hear that mayor hickenlooper will be on the mike rosen show (850 koa) on thursday (9am-11:45am). maybe he finally has an "official" announcement to make?


Hickenlooper. 2-1.

Alva Adams

We appreciate your concern, but Hickenlooper has never said unequivocally that he will not run for governor in 2006 -- never. Since the jail vote, in fact, he has privately talked more positively about the race. We're not saying he's going to run, but until he says "I will not run for governor in 2006," he is still in the mix. That's just reality.


There must be something in the water these days. Sadly (or not) money alone does not win races. How many races do I need to point to where the monied candidate dumped tons of money only to lose (let's start with the D primary in IL for the senate, 20 mill to lose to Obama).

Finally we can look at all the rich guys that have run in CO only yo lose, it goes back at least 20 years.


All the money in the world won't make Holtzman any taller.


jon, at least attack the guy on his merits. holtzman actually has a couple inches on coffman, believe it or not.


Running DU is a better gig than State Treasurer.

Alva Adams

Money isn't the end-all, be-all, and the reason Holtzman isn't higher on our line is because he still needs to round out as a candidate. But what is impressive about his fundraising at this point is that he has done it with $500 contribution limits (which, in fairness, still allows for $2,000 checks from a joint account). The amount of money he is raising is unusual for a candidate this far out from the election.

Our main point was that even if Holtzman doesn't win, he'll have raised enough money to seriously damage Beauprez in the primary; he's now a major player in the race whether he wins or not. If Beauprez has to spend more money to hold him off, that significantly weakens him for the general.

What if Beauprez comes out of August with a virtually empty coffer against a good Democratic opponent who didn't have a primary and has a full war chest? That would be trouble.


Keep on rubbing your hands and coming up with ways that Bobby B will lose. Dream on!


I'm sure everyone saw this:

DENVER (AP) With no heir apparent to a lame-duck GOP governor, Republicans are trying to decide if it's worth the risk of losing a seat in Congress by nominating Rep. Bob Beauprez to seek the governor's mansion next year.

They also worry about a doomsday scenario that would allow U.S. Sen. Ken Salazar, the only Democrat to win a statewide race in years, to run for governor. If Salazar wins, he could appoint his successor, and Democrats could take another political plum away from the Republicans.


Hick has a NEW problem which will not allow him to run even if he wanted to. Its called immigration and the murder of a Denver Cop by an illegal who worked at Hick's restaurant.


It's nice to see the Governor's got his spin machine working the Colorado Pols blog comments. Of course Holtzman was offered the spot and of course he turned it down. Could their be anything more logical from both sides. Why wouldn't the Governor make the offer might as well try and clear the way for BB.

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