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john birch

Most amazing part of the letter: vocal opposition to NAFTA, CAFTA, GATT, and FTAA. This sets him apart the the vast bulk of the republican establishment, especially business, but plays well with the fringe base.

He gets instant credibility with about 10% of the volunteer/activist base. But he shuts down almost all the high-dollar fundraising.

Is he thinking he'll get some union support from the general for this? if he is, he's been smoking his John Birch Society flyers.


Mark's a Kook. Totally.

Oh well...

Hugo O'conor

I guess he has his wedge issue. Who knew he'd drive a wedge through his own base?


Who is supporting Paschall? Who will likely make up his campaign staff? what does this mean to O'Donnell?


If we can use Mark's years of performance in the state legislature as an indicator of what his performance as a congressman would be like - he will go nowhere in this latest persuit.

Extra! Extra!

Paschall tops Jeffco officials in expenses
by Jonathan Ellis
Wednesday, May 4, 2005

...But the bulk of last year's expenses belong to three other officials - Treasurer Mark Paschall and commissioners Rick Sheehan and Pat Holloway. Together, the three rang in $20,530.

Paschall led the pack in 2003, billing $8,677 to taxpayers. He spent $3,664 of that on travel and lodging.

Paschall attended two conferences hosted by the National Association of Counties. The first took place in Washington, D.C. He missed the conference's opening two days, but stayed in the nation's capital for three days after the conference to lobby Colorado's congressional delegation.

The second conference took place in Milwaukee. He also rented a hotel room in Fort Collins for a state treasurer's meeting.

Paschall spent $1,390 on meals - more than any other elected official. According to credit card statements, he ate some of those meals on business trips. But the vast majority of his eating expenses were incurred in Colorado during his day-to-day duties as treasurer.

Paschall's other expenses included more than $1,220 to the National Association of Counties and hundreds of dollars in parking, taxi and auto-related reimbursements. His spokeswoman did not return a phone call seeking an explanation for other charges on his credit card.

Copyright © 2005 Evergreen Newspapers All Rights Reserved.


Man, he has a lot of baggage. Do you think he can overcome it?



The press does not want to give Paschall a fair shot. To understand where this came form, look no further than the shots taken by Lawrence and Sheehan, two proven crooks, who used Paschall to divert attention from their own seedy affairs (literally). Dont you remember, "Treasurer bouncing checks headline?" Now, who honestly believes that a county treasurer's office writes out million dollar checks? Paschall was under a witchhunt and never flinched. Instead, he reformed the retirement system for the county (which was under intesnse scrutiny prior to his arrival), he brought the county whistleblower who was fired once for reporting the truth down to his office as an employee (she is now the internal auditor).
Oh, then that bad Paschall brings on Congrove (who was also assailed by the press at the same time) who is now the Commissioner cleaning house in Jeffco and restoring integrity.
The dems always tell people not to believe what they read...hmmm...does that only go one way?

Dark horse

County Treasurer Paschal has proved at least two things over the years. 1. He is an articulate and unafraid defender of our rights and freedoms 2. Despite what his leftest detractors say about his chances, he consistently gets elected in districts/counties where the left says the registration numbers will not support him.

He does this with a populist message which strikes a common chord in people within his district regardless of their party affiliation.

I definitely would not count him out!


Remember, there is no love lost with Paschall and Owens. On the last day of the 2002 session, many onlookers saw Owens shake Paschall's hand and say, "You're a worthy opponent."
This is a guy who does not toe a party line. That's what the fear is from both parties.
One more tidbit, when he ran for his House seat, the demographics were identical to the 7th CD with the Dems having a higher registration rate. After his first term, the GOP registration in that district surpassed the Dems by 1500.
Oh, and the scuttlebutt is...that Owens will be appointing Coffman to the Sec of State seat, Hillman to the state Treasurer when Davidson goes to the Bush admin. All to free up Mr. O'Donnell from ANY competition. Can we say anointed?


Also, Paschall's office is the leanest in the county. He is constantly under budget and the news won't report that. Do the research for yourself and pull up the Jeffco budget. Then call the news and ask why they don't report that.


Irish Stout:

You must be from the O'Donnell camp, then. Becuase they are the ones floating THAT particular rumor. Even MC laughs at that one.


Irishstout, that's the most ridiculous conspiracy theory I've ever heard. One worthy of the fringe, Owens-hating right wing.


Yep. I asked Mike about this one, too. Nope. He wishes.

Bob Tandry

Paschall, a POPULIST??? Did you read his letter? He may be able to put on a moderate face, but when the rubber meets the road...gimme a break.

A candidate as far right as Paschall would never win in a district as moderate as the 7th. Heck, Nader had a better chance in that district than Paschall will.


Whoa, extra extra! Nice job making the article you posted during Paschall's war with the commissioners when he first entered office look like recent news. Almost had me fooled!


Irish Stout -

Just trying to refresh your memory. This stuff is still out there and not going away. And most people will NOT dismiss it as quickly as you.


I sure hope he runs, and wins the primary. It will make Democrats job a lot easier.


No kidding! Lamm or Perlmutter would be a shoe in if up against Paschall.


Just remember - the Perlmutter/Lamm race is going to shed a lot of blood for the D's.

Phoenix Rising

I doubt the new activists in the Dem party are going to be quiet if Perlmutter and Lamm start lobbing bombs across the fence at each other. Miles and Salazar managed to keep a respectable primary campaign last season, and Dems in this state remember the effects of bad primaries - bloodshed in CD-7 isn't going to go over well.

Skippy Mcguski

The blogger who posted about Mr. Paschall partying on taxpayer money in Washington instead of going to the conference... said it all about this sleazemaster.

Oh and the man love's his meals.... and whats a good meal without DRINKS! Eh Mark?

Meanwhile, all the time talking about his personal relationship with God while flirting with women... His strong religious convictions and rock solid marriage to his wife are his two favorite topics of conversation with members of the opposite sex.

People that REALLY know Mark Paschall know him to be interested in only one thing and it's not YOU or I.

Now does that make him diffeent than any other politician, probably not. But what the heck, I've got a personal interest in this LIAR and DEFENDER OF SELF.

Coming soon: www.voteagainstpachall.com including pictures. ;-)

Nite Gracie! Skippy Mcguski

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