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Great move!


Thank you.

Roger D


All posters, please heed.

Alva Adams

We forgot to add that posting under a false name with intent to make people think you actually are that person will lead to comments being removed and future comments being blocked.

And, before everyone gets their knickers twisted up pointing out that Alva, James and Jesse are not real names, you know what we mean.


Here Here


Thank you.

Donald E. L. Johnson

I think your move might protect you from any libel suits. Good luck.


What about my posting on the weekend thread from the Coors campaign? I thought it was pretty well thought out and didn't deserve to be removed.

I Guess

I guess you'll need to re-post it. But must you? I have to say, I'm tired of Phaseout banter.

Skippy Mcguski

Good Morning Folks........

So wait a minute!

Your not allowed to slander a politician here? hehe


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