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West Sloper

What you failed to mention was the article was appropriately place on the obituary page of the Daily Sentinel.

Smith's career is not dead, but the feeding tude has been inserted. There are many Republican's will to remove the tube as well.


The question we are all missing is whether or not Smith primaries Penry for Senate District 7. I am hearing Penry is in and has already begun raising money for the seat. Josh is a strong up and comer that will likely trounce Smith. Not to mention what does McInnis do in that matchup???


Niether Penry or Smith are currently filed. For what that's worth.


Don't pay attention to where the GJ Sentinal puts anything. The only uniform layout in the paper is the sports pages. The poor compositors must be bald from tearing their hair out over there. I think Smith has a chance if he can line up a solid, moderate business/agriculture/water bunch and keep the theocrats out of the picture or at least way back in the amen corner.

Serenity Now

Matt Smith raised 11K for a Congressional Race, Josh Penry raised 45K before the primary for a State House race. If Matt is looking to remidy his inability to get a job by running against Penry in a primary I think he'll still find himself unemployed. Change that, I KNOW he'll find himself unemployed.


If Josh runs for the State Senate, I'll be greatly disappointed in him. He should take a lesson from Ron Teck, who declined to run for CD-3 last year because he made a commitment to serve out his term SD-7.

Josh is a smart guy and would be an even stronger candidate in 7 more years, after he's served his constituents in HD-54. I don't doubt he can easily win re-election there three more times.

For Josh's supporters - the way to support your guy isn't to trash Smith. On the other hand, keep underestimating Smith and you'll learn a valuable lesson.

By the way - if Matt runs for SD-7 he will have Scott's support. Guaranteed.


Remove the tube. Smith is dead.

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