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alan smithee

Everybody knows the 7th CD was created, precisely drawn even, for an Ed Perlmutter candidacy. Peggy Lamm should make every effort to quickly address whatever agenda she has in running and withdraw. She may think her Owens endorsement gives her moderate Dem credentials, but after the trials and tribulations of the Feeley 02 race and the debacle of Dave Thomas' candadicy combined with the chance for D's to have a 5-4 advantage in the Congressional delegation and the aforementioned creation of the district for Ed Perlmutter, means nobody, not Lamm, O'Donnell, Coffman, whoever, will win against EP.


Hey a perfect district for Eddie P -- except for one thing Eddie P -- they guy is a showhorse not a workhorse -- his lack of integrity is galling and he cannot point to one legislative accomplishment in 8 years -- yeah Eddie P will likely scare off Peggy and has scared off Jim the Undertaker Polsfut and Joanna the Desperate Housewife Conti but will have no such luck come the November election


I DISAGREE! Ed does not represent the district, he is a exactly what is wrong with our party. The elite think they own seats at the expense of all of the people in the party who truely believe in the party and our principals, not how they can enrich themselves and their 17th street lawyer friends. I will work for Peggy because she is not an establishment candidate. Look what the establishemnt candidates have gotten us so far two losses in the district and the running off of our brightest star Mike Miles. Why didn't Ed run the first time he had the chance?


lamm has even more trouble with her 'denial'. the fact is the person who called her for the statesman article was the publisher, jody strogof. she is not likely to take kindly to having her interview portrayed as a push poll. she also undoubtedly identified herself in the call. moreover, in the statesman, there were a number of democrats who had been identified as supporting owens, who very strongly stated that they were not supporting owens. peggy lamm was not one of them. when she had a chance to deny in print at the time the press release from the owens camp identifying her as a supporter, she didn't.

her new name is, lame excuse lamm.

you are right, that this is just the first salvo. next will be the pictures of lamm and ken chlouber in matching cowboy shirts, riding on his motorcycle.

Ter Ducken

You guys get too caught up in the "establishment" candidates without even knowing what that means. Lamm is as much an establishment candidate as Perlmutter, whether you care to admit it or not. She is a prior elected official from an old ESTABLISHMENT political family who didn't even live in the district until two months ago. At least Perlmutter has always lived there.

If you consider Lamm the outsider candidate, you've just been brainwashed. She is every bit the "establishment" candidate that Perlmutter is.

7th CD Dem

Would Fitzgerald consider moving in the district and running or Polis? I am not excited about former Sen. Perlmutter. I think we should start a draft Polis effort. They guy is sharp, can self fund, knows education, is a statewide office holder. His only negative is he dosn't live in the district. He could go toe to toe with O'Donnell and Polis being young or single will be washed out since Rick O. fits the same bill. Anyone else get excited about Jared Polis? I am the more I think about it!

Phoenix Rising

FitzGerald just moved OUT of the district and into CD-2 last year; I'm not sure she's keen about moving back down-canyon so soon... OTOH, she was a resident of CD-7 for a long time, and she's just outside the district border still in JeffCo - she could run from where she is or with an apartment address and she would be accepted, I think. No real movement there yet, though. I think she's taking her time and evaluating her choices; governor, CD-2, CD-7 - who knows?

No-one seems to quite know where Polis is headed; it seems like he wants something more than just the Board position, but I haven't heard anyone express just what that might be...

Alva Adams

Polis has always had his eye on CD-2, and will most likely run there when Mark Udall leaves to run for Senate in '08.

7th CD Dem

Phoenix, great info thanks did not know Fitzgerald lived in the 7th, not a huge leap for her to come back and she was Jefferson County Clerk for years. I am still thinking Polis might be our best bet, he would shine among our current Representatives. Who has his ear? If they blog here please reach out to Jared and see. Alva is this something you can do?


This all stinks. Ed Perlmutter's budy from the State Senate is launching an attack on another Democrat over a year out from the primary? Republicans have to be laughing their tails off over this.

Once again, Democrats are forming a circular firing squad.

Is Ed that scared of Peggy Lamm? Why does he think he needs to go negative on her right now?


Ed P just lost my vote. He didn't even have the cojones to go after lamm himself; he had Thiebaut do it for him.

Seems like Ed P thinks this seat was created for him so everyone else -- Polsfut, Conti, and Lamm should just get out of his way.

What's going to happen when he actually has to campaign?

How jaded and cynical is this site (and the people who read it) that lamm tells the truth and this site attacks her for it.

"Even if this is the truth, what in the hell is she doing using it as her rationale?" I guess we are long past the time when a politician telling the truth was considered a GOOD thing.

Get It Right

Fitz-Gerald was a resident of the 6th CD before she moved.

Ter Ducken

This is about politics, and it's not forming a circular firing squad to attack your primary opponent. That's how you WIN. You think Lamm and Perlmutter are going to hold hands an on the primary day say, "I hope you vote for me, but it really doesn't matter because either way a Democrat wins." It's POLITICS. This is how it works. Lamm is going to attack Perlmutter right back, and if you're surprised by this, it must be your first look at politics. Don't go blaming Perlmutter for playing politics. Go back to happy land where nobody ever says anything bad about anyone else.

And while I agree with your sentiment, PJ, I think your logic is off. Lamm's excuse makes absolutely no sense to me. It's not jaded to question her statement, it's reality. What she said sounds really dumb.


JeffCoDem said "running off of our brightest star Mike Miles". Miles wasn't run off. He lost in the primary. Big time.
And I would hasten to point out that we WON THE GENERAL in that race. The only statewide race Dems have won in Colorado in 8 years. So STOP BITCHING about DEMOCRATS WINNING.

I'm not sure who I will be supporting in the 7th (my district) but my main (only) criteria will be who can win in the General.


I think Alva's right (this time!). Polis and Joan are setting their sights on the CD-02 vacancy in 2006. That will be one heck of a primary.

Looks like it's Ed P and Peggy L in CD-07 this year, and Ed is trying his hardest to scare Peggy out of the race.

Can't see it working, but you never know; Conti and Polsfut have already gone down.

Any chance CEA will back Lamm, since Ed P voted with the Repub's on Alex Cranberg's big voucher bill back in 2001 or 2002?


I have to agree with pastajay. Truth from a politician is always best. I'm tired of the pandering. Peggy L should stay in the race and Ed P ought to try defending his own record if the voucher vote is right.

Rebel Dem

To the hand-wringing Dems upset that Peggy Lamm was exposed for supporting Bill Owens, please keep this in mind:

* If you don't have the stomach for hardball politics (actually Thiebaut's letter wasn't even all that hardball), you need to find a new district to live in. The GOP has a history of fighting with brass knuckles and switchblades in the 7th (just look at what they did to Feeley and Thomas) and the Dems need to put up a candidate who is not afraid to wield the brass & stainless steel. Perlmutter just demonstrated he is not afraid to play hardball.

* Lamm knew this charge was floating out there and did not have the foresight to prepare a good response. This just proves she would be eaten alive by the GOP in the general and is unfit to be the Dem nominee for that reason alone.

That said, I think having Peggy Lamm remain in the race would help Perlmutter define himself and expose any of his weakenesses early enough that they become old news or effectively dealt with before it is too late. So, please stay in the race, Peggy!

7th CD Dem

Why waste Fitzgerald and Pois in a slugfest for the 2nd. It is still an unknown if Udall will actually run this time. Let's draft Polis or if not him Fitzgerald to run. Either on would likely clear the current field (Polis forsure). DRAFT POLIS DRAFT POLIS DRAFT POLIS can you hear the masses in the 7th who want to win!


if you think the thiebaut letter was negative, you have been living in a cave. it could have been a lot harder, and could have included some stuff that is much more negative and personal. i thought he let her off easy.

the reality is, she did endorse owens in published statements in a public newspaper. to point that out is not negative. the truth is the truth and pointing out the truth is legitimate campaigning.

you take a position and you stand by it, regardless of the consequences. weasling out is the problem.

the same folks who are wringing their hands over the pointing out of lamm's position on owens, will no doubt be very happy about attacks on bill ritter pointing out his position on choice.

Ter Ducken

And one other thing, I know you may love Mike Miles, but can we please stop calling him "our brightest star." He got his ass kicked. To you and the people who supported him, he's YOUR brightest star. But to the party as a whole, he's nowhere near the top of the list.

Phoenix Rising

To the party as they voted, Miles was one of the two brightest stars - the other being Morgan Carroll. Personally, I think Morgan's got Mike beat in that department, but I'll still support Mike if he makes another run at it...

As to the Joan's former residence: much as I like the representation, I really get annoyed trying to follow the boundary lines created by CD-7; as someone pointed out, she was Jeffco County Clerk, and has the name recognition to pull off a CD-7 run. I wouldn't count Joan out of a run for something other than State Senate in '06; whether it's CD-7 or Gov., I can't say, but she is looking. Besides, why waste two big names fighting over one Congressional seat? Polis *has* been looking at the CD-2 seat, and both he and FitzGerald thought they were going to get a shot at it in '06, until Udall messed up the rotation. Someone needs to see if they can work out a plan, here...

P. Rock

Many Democrats have worked very hard, against BIG and sometimes demoralizing odds, in this state. Yet, activists in all parties, must and do support their candidates, like Rollie Heath and Thiebaut, and put on their best face for the battle.

Is it fair to quote Peggy Lamm and chastise her for supporting Owens? Coming from Thiebaut, sure it is. Because her comments were disparaging to the ticket on which he ran. And, he served in the legislature with her...so there are probably other issues.

His letter serves to let the faithful know what her stand was in the last gubernatorial race. And those tried and true Democrats deserve to know that because, there is no more of an onerous regime than the Owens' camp. They've bankrupted the state...

This is not dirty politics by any means and Peggy's reaction demonstrates her mettle is thin at best. She was unprepared to come up with a credible response. Her answer was implausible and naive.

Is this the kind of candidate who can withstand the onslaught of the Republican machine?

She might want to think of a graceful way exit because this is just the tip of the iceberg.


Hey lay off of Peggy
She had her reasons -- wanted to get back together with her old boyfriend Chlouber so she did the Reps a favor and besides the Lamms and the Heaths are the Hatfield and McCoys of the Limo Liberal Set -- hey I wonder if she endorsed her old boyfriend over DeGette too?
Dick Lamm was a great man till he went crazy the rest of the Lamms and Heaths are in a word worthless

Gus's Bar Stool

Thiebaut a good Democrat? You must be kidding P. Rock. If he was sooooo loyal why did he primary a good Democrat DA last year? The answer he wanted the money, anyone down here in Pueblo will tell you that. If Perlmutter is having him as his attack dog he has shown his true charecter. I feel for Peggy because at the end they will destroy her reputation and our party will be lesser for allowing it to happen. Spoken from someone who experienced it down here.


Once again the party elite ridicule Mike Miles supporters. What part of us winning the Convention and the Party Chairmanship do you all not understand? The sooner you accept us as the voice and heart of our party the sooner the healing will begin. Otherwise eventually your good old boy network will be without a party because we will not allow our party to be a corporate shill that waffles on everything to get a donation. Yes Salazar beat Mike but had we had publically financed elections not the whore fest we saw in 2004 Mike Miles would have not only won the primary but he would have been able to give the disenfrachised a reason to feel we are different from the Republicans who long ago sold their soul. We are as well only we do it in installments with politicians like Perlmutter and Salazar and Chairmen like Gates. Lastly, Mike Miles is a star and will continue to be a shinning star of our Party.

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