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Kenevan McConnon

We just extraordinarily render suspects on corporate jets to Uzbekistan or Syria. We have the highest homicide rate for prisoners since the Vietcong. They end up just as dead/mangled, but the blood isn't on our hands.

We aren't a fascist state yet, but BushCo is planting the seeds. You and your band are providing the fertilizer. The only amendment in the Bill of Rights, BushCo hasn't trashed is the 2nd.

I don't understand why all the Young Republicans aren't in uniform. You believe in BushCo and the War in Iraq. Why the hell aren't you over there fighting? You only have one life to give for your country right? Isn't that right Mr. Nathan Hale.

P.S. - I never saw Fight Club, but I read the book. Not sure what it has to do with a State sanctioned NHB event in Castle Rock.


When you say that we aren't a fascist state yet begs the question.
Do you believe Bush is going to deny us our voting rights and put an end to representative democracy?

Kenevan McConnon

If BushCo thought they could pull it off, I think they would declare martial law after the next terrorist attack. He's already quoted saying it would be easier to be a dictator. BushCo are already using extraordinary rendition, murder, and torture. They've trashed the bill of rights for certain less fortunate members of our society. When did Hitler dissolve the Riechstag? 1937 I believe.

The best historical precedent is Germany 1933-35. My Great Great Grandfather believed he was living in a nation of laws until he was arrested and interrogated by the Gestapo for six months in 1935. He was obviously wrong.

Don't worry Keith, I'm sure you'll be one of the "Good Americans."


Relax Kenevan, no such thing will ever happen. We've got you, me and Ted Nugent.

Nathan Hale


It's Nathan, not Nate.

Fight Club -- when I read your post to another BLOGGER, that movie came to mind after reading it, and it made me think. Sort of interesting, much like reading War & Peace, but tedious and twisted and not an effective use of my time.

I resent your implication that I am all talk (or BLOG) in this case. Have you served?

I am not going to pre-judge you in public but my minds eye isn’t complementary nor reflects the “great potential” you have as a productive writer.

I will comment on your choice of language and material – it is destructive, hateful and small. I read your Post about your Great Great Great Grandfather, true the fruit doesn’t fall far from the tree – but left unprepared and unattended it become spoiled and rotten.

I can say I am proud to have I served over 20 years world-wide. I'll put it to you like my father put it to me when I was a brash 19 years old. I served -- and a lot of good people died, so people like you have the freedom to demonstrate to others what a real @ss-hole looks like.

I’ll ask you to just ignore my post from here on out – and I’ll do the same to yours. I see no value in a dialog with you.

From my experiences thus far, I can compare it to a toddler having a conversation with a pit-bull.



Coffman press conference. 3rd floor of the capitol. This is gonna be HUGE.

Kenevan McConnon


So martial law is where your support for the President ends. Excellent, we agree on something!

Dark Suit

Kenevan -- Jealous because you couldn't pass the federal civil service exam? If you didn't stress so much about things your hair wouldn't keep falling out. I am too short for the Secret Service but you don't hear me bashing anybody about it.

Kenevan McConnon

Dark Suit,

You challenge me, I define terms, and you duck.

Typical repug. Fight with others lives, blame the innocent, and reward the guilty.

I couldn't make sense of your post. It didn't seem to have anything to do with me.

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