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Time to move on Dems

Sorry for the bad news Draft Hick people but in case you all weren't watching 9News this afternoon, Hickenlooper in his own words directly rejected a run for Governor in 2006. Check it out... you can either read the article or watch the report.


Don Quixote

I saw the channel 9 report too and it sounded to me like Hick was saying the same thing he's been saying all along. That he has no intentions of running for guv now which i always took to mean this cycle. Even though he's been saying that over and over for a while now - the media/the Draft Hick folks/etc. don't seem to take no for an answer.

Draft Hick

This isn't any different than anything we have seen from Hickenlooper thus far. If you were running for gov against Bob Beauprez, wouldn't you want the shortest campaign possible???


Oh boy. This is getting old. It is getting to the point that I would be willing to make a bet of cutting of one of my fingers if Hickenlooper runs.

He has raised no money. He has not even explored a committee. He has said over and over again publically that he is not going to run.

Why not take Hick OFF the Governors line for now? If he decides to make pigs fly and run THEN YOU CAN PUT HIM BACK ON.


Strider- Did we get any takers on that $42,100. bet?


I don't think so man. Surprised? Maybe we should get together, have a few beers and talk about candidates who look to actually be running?


I don't think that I'm in that loop. But I believe that the democrats ought to start rallying behind a candidate because we're already out of the gate.


You got that right. Dammit!


Coffman press conference today at 11am at the Capitol. Anyone going?


I might


Coffman is going to step down as Treasurer and will be going to Iraq.


And Donetta will get a Bush appointment. Soon.




Just reading weekend thread some people are freaking out the coors campaign staff, I wonder where that came from?


Looks like Holtzman's working hard but keeping his profile low - click below for a story from Durango.

Hey Everybody, it's Jeff!

What a weird story for Davidson. She is already listed as being on the EAC Advisory Board on their site. And Senate (and House?????) confirmation hearings for such an unimportant position? Whatever...


correction "marine":

mike coffman is taking a temporary leave and intends to return to his post as state treasurer after he returns from nine months in iraq.

Donald E. L. Johnson

So Mike's not running for CD-7 nor Secretary of State?


Donald E. L. Johnson

I thought Mike was getting married at the end of the month? Heck of a way to begin a marriage.


How does he think he can leave for 9 months and come back to his job. Does the state just operate without a treasurer for the time being. Another selfish move by little mike to 'boost' his resume.


Donald- I think its more like...Coffman is going to help build a stable democracy in Iraq.


Donald E. L. Johnson

As far as Hick being out, I've never really considered him in. And I don't think any of the Ds' prospects look very strong at this point, but we have a long way to go. Money will not decide this race. Records and personality will.

Hugo O'conor


There is such a thing as a deputy Treasurer. Selfish? I'd like to see you risk your life on behalf of complete strangers asking nothing in return. Typical lefty reply. First it's "if you think it's a just war, why don't you go?" and when the man puts his money where his mouth is he is called selfish. There is just no pleasing you.

Rebel Dem

Massive Kudos to ProgressNow for taking on Focus on the Family's abuse of it's tax-exempt status to campaign for GOP candidates. Unlike the Democratic Party, ProgressNow has the yarbles to take on this issue. You can read today's news release from ProgressNow at: http://www.progressnow.org/weblog/archives3/permalink/004341.cfm

coffman fan

Hugo, that wasn't a lefty accusation against Coffman. "Disappointed" is a member of the Tonner establishment that is permanently embittered against all things conservative.

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