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Beauprez in 5. 4 if it's Fitz-Gerald. Pow! To the moon!

Real Deal

Who has Beauprez hired? I know people close and I don't think that is true. Please comment.


RealDeal - go to the post Gee, thanks Rocky. Your question was covered there.


I disagree that a one on one fight hurts Lamm. Polsfut's endorsement of Perlmutter helps him a bit, but it will be forgotten by election day and have a minimal impact on fundraising. Polsuft would have, if anything, cut in to Lamm's base because of his conservative lean. (This is the guy who went heavy for Wes Clark last year.)

Again, Conti would have cut into Lamm's base because of the female factor. She also could have deterred Emily's List from going in heavy.

I'd say that Perlmutter's perception as the leading candidate will force him to live up to higher expectations - and gives Lamm the chance to overtake him.


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