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Some of these Legislators you must get to know fairly well. You're probably privy to a lot of stuff that might skew anyone's perspective - so, at the end of the day - how do your still report on folks you might still call a "friend" once you've entered the bar of the Warwick?


The following came across the Larimer Dems list via the county chair tonight.

"I know many of you are interested in the governor's race. Bill Ritter called
today and annouced that he is filing the paperwork to run for governor. Bill
Ritter is the former D.A. of Denver."


Alva-How come your fellow dead Govs never post?


Last Friday the US Dept of Labor released the April Employment Situation stating that 274,000 jobs had been created. They also revised up the March number to 146,000. Thus, Colorado's 14,400 (so far unrevised) account for approximately 10% of the US total. Still a pretty impressive share considering we only have about 2% of the US population.


According to the National Education Association (NEA), Colorado was ranked #8 in the nation based on its 2004 public high school graduation rate of 81.9%. Source: State Rankings 2005, National Education Association: http://nces.ed.gov/ccd/


Bob Beauprez is number two on the list of the closest representative to scandal-plagued Tom DeLay.


No wonder Colorado is starting to feel more like Texas when Beauprez votes 96.41 percent of the time with Tom DeLay. But I am sure Tom DeLay knows what is best for Colorado. Thanks for looking out for us BOB!



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Good to see a tlaent at work. I can’t match that.

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