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Git er done!


Who does this guy think he is?? Watch out Bob Schaffer, you have some competition for "Biggest GOP Obstructionist". Come on, he should be honored that he was offered a shot. Spare us more GOP drama.

Ter Ducken

It's not his fault they offered the job to him. Clearly he didn't seek it out and then turn it down. I don't see the blame. He was the first announced candidate for governor, and that's all he wants to run for. Nothing wrong with that.


Actually, to have party officials try to get Holtzman out of the race probably made him happy. He could play it as a sign of weakness since it makes BB look like he can't win against Holtzman, so the party tried to buy him off.

Isn't Schaffer now part of the COGOP's party leadership - National Committeeman or something? Maybe you should go over to the party where they fire their leader after a successful election.


Marc Holtzman can easily be the next Governor of this state, so could Bob Beauprez. Too bad we have so much talent in one election.


Great workj Colorado Pols -- where were the dailier? You tagged the story -- Rep power brokers pushing Holtzman for Treasuresr & agreeing to push that pissant Hillman out of the way -- Holtzman than confirms the story by saying he said no -- great work -- how much are your guys paid versus what the Rocky, News and Chieftain pay their so called reporters? If you want a picture of a bunch of knucklehead Dems in a fancy car read the Denver dailies -- if you want real news this is the place


The lack of leadership in the last election is coming back to haunt the Republicans with Holtzman. What a desperate move, buy him off with a powerless position within state goverment with only 16 classified employees? Not even to mention that he has to give it back to Coffman. The guy has already raised a lifetimes worth of treasurer's salaries.....

The problem is Holtzman is too moderate and likeable for the far right in this state. Holtzman's platform of support for education, the environment and market econmomics will pull from both sides....

Watch out! The competition just got closer and hotter.

Dont read the RMN or Post

I don't read the Dean Singleton propaganda machines AKA The RMN & Denver Post. All the news is vetted through left wing editors before being "approved" by Mr. Singleton. The JOA is a JOKE.
It used to be Westword got the scoop looks like Colorado Pols is getting the jump. Also thanks to the site managers for cleaning up the childish snipes that was down grading the site the last few weeks.


watch it valdimar, about knucklehead dems in fancy cars. Many of us knuckehead dems have only regular cars. get your fax straight.

Capitol Watcher

Marc was never offered the job. This was a rumor and wish by some outside the 1st floor. It is interesting to watch Marc and his supporter spin this that it was offered. I can say with 1st hand knowledge it never was.


Mark is a PR machine he should work for Ringling Brothers the way he promotes himself. Hillman would destroy Holtzman in a Treasurer's race. Beauprez will nuke Holtzman. Money can't buy love and Mark isn't going to get any love from the GOP. My bet is next Mark will say Beauprez offered him Lt. Gov to grab some headlines.


How long has Holtzman lived in Colorado? Didn't he do the same game for CSU prez?


Isn't Holtzman building a house outside of the country? This isn't a guy who plans on staying long in Colorado.

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