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Phoenix Rising

Conti reportedly had a lot of "if this happens" supporters; people who were "kind of, sort of" committed to her campaign, based on other things happening or not happening. One of these was undoubtedly EMILY's List, and when Lamm formally stepped in, that hope died.

Supposedly her decision went beyond funding, but the lack of real cashflow certainly didn't help.

Compared to O'Donnell, Conti doesn't seem to have done too badly.

George D.

Why would any GOP be campaigning much the first quarter??? Beauprez didn't really officially "unofficially" announce his Guv run until April. First quarter numbers mean diddly for the GOP side b/c no one knew what would eventually shake out. And neither did donors.

I would venture to say second quarter will look a lot different for Republican candidates...and one in particular will be way, way out in front.


Beauprez's lack of announcement may backfire on him and the GOP very soon in terms of fundraising. Stay tuned....

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