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With Beauprez, Hillman, Coffman and Suthers I see no way the Democrats can squeeze in. Those are all tough guys, with Beauprez, Hillman and Coffman having major experience running large and important races. My guess is that the Dems see this – and decide, instead, to target Legislative Races again.



My guess is the Democrats target the legislative races AND the up ballots. With the amount of money floating around out there, and without a presidentail, they can certainly afford to do both. Assuming that up-ballot races won't be difficult is a sure path to defeat.

Rock 5

I still laugh about Joe Stengel thinking he can run against Hillman. What’s he thinking? This last legislative session proved he has no spine, and the last thing we need is a slick politician bringing that slate of candidates down. Yep. Beauprez, Coffman and Hillman will be the men nobody can beat.

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